sort of ot(off topic)..anyone ever success to talk into your bf to get you a chanel

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  1. or chanel-price-like (2000usd ) handbag??:yes: husband not included. someone without legal contract(i mean marriage).lol. PLEASE SHARE WITH me your tips on how to get them to do so. I need it! Thanks so much.
  2. lol, nope! i'd like to see what other people say.
  3. hahaha..u so funny....
    I can't help u here...
    My bf (now my DH) will buy me things that I like ..on my birthdays/ coercing whatsoever. Gd luck to u .
  4. and parents are exclusive either. come on guys!!! TIA!!
  5. My fiance lets me buy what I want lol. I think it just might depend on the guy. Whatever i want or whatever he wants we get. My future mother in law always tells me that we will never have children b/c we are too into ourselves lol. As far as getting him to buy you one...make a sad face? hehe, works for me.
  6. or you could look at it as an investment. He invests in invest in him tee hee. It's a two way street.
  7. ooo... i don't know exactly, i dont even know if this helps you really, but
    my bf got me my luxe bowler (retail = 2150 usd) a little while back

    after i had agonized and obsessed over it for the longest... i had NO luck getting one -finally i had a break, with the help of a VERY lovely pF-er, and tracked one down. BUT even though i got the opportunity, i couldnt get myself to actually plunk down the 2300$ (i'm a student, and that ='s a whole quarter's worth of tuition) and i felt guilty about spending my hard earned cash on one bag

    needless to say... my boyfriend to the rescue. -he just looks at me in a serious face and goes "you're kidding me right?? you've been complaining about that bag FOREVER... if you don't get it, you're just going to be worse... (meaning, i'd be complaining AND regretting it) and he just said there was NO way he could handle any more of that -and handed me a credit card :smile:

    so i guess my agony was in some way his too -lol

    i don't know if that helps you!! (but also keep in mind, my bf is not by any means a rich dude, just a very hard worker and has a HUGE heart)

    -im pretty sure that didnt help you at all, lol ...but good luck!
  8. hmm... I use to think its about convincing a guy to buy you stuff...But I come to realize its not.
    If he wants to spend 2k on you he will do it willingly...does he buy you some designer stuff now? One suggestion is to start slowly, get a Chanel wallet, then a small bag, then the 2k bag!

    Good luck!
  9. :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: i never had bf/significant other bought me any desinger stuff ever to tell you th truth.:shame: :shame: :shame:
    So far, i got flowers, dinner at fine dining restaurant, candy.....i do dress nicely when going out, i think.:p I do sort of talk about desinger stuff once in a while. you know...sometimes..i thinnk maybe the guy i was/am with is not form $$$ family so they/he didnot think those kind thing maybe?? anyone???? please help!!
  10. ^^^ honestly, MOST guys... don't care about uber designer stuff

    i mean, the olny ones i know that are really into their designer stuff are my gay guy friends -so finding one that knows his stuff is hard!

    and finding a guy w/ $$$ is not everything, even someone who is an average joe will think about buying you something you really love just to make you happy
  11. I mean I once said to him(the guy i am dating now) that my friend XXX got a XXX handbag from Johny(her sig. other). it costs like 2k. it's gorgeous and the craftmanship is wonderful. those stitches got to see it...that bag is to die for. I "wish" i were her...that's as close "hint" as i can say to a man you know. I even sort of show him a pic from magazine ad. well....he sort of responded to me.."oh ya..let me say..hmm..." then i didnt remeber some other topic he topic changed.
  12. I think its wrong to try to "get" someone to buy you a $2k bag. My bf has bougt me expensive bags, but I have never had to use manipulative ways to get him to buy them for me. I wouldn't want them!

    Instead of spending time thinking of ways to get someone to buy something for you, how about if you want it so bad YOU save up your money and work hard to get it for yourself? It will be that much more special to you.
  13. i cannot help you, b/c my BF (now my DH) is totally anti-spending-that-much-on-a-bag! Period. he doesn't understand why I am so obsessed over a $2000 bag, which to him, doesn't look worth the money. I know if he can afford he would rather buying me a car than a $2000 bag, he just thinks a $50 bag could just look fine on me. And since we are not like super rich people, he does let me buy as long as I can afford with my own saving, and I wouldn't ask him to spend that much on a bag either. Knowing that he does want to save $$ for other more important things (like fixing up our house, saving for a future baby etc.), I actually would feel guilty to ask him buy me a $2000 bag. If that's my hobby, too bad I should be the one who save to continue that hobby!
  14. blushingbaby: I certainly do NOT mean tomanipulate sb to get sth for me. my intention is maybe he is clueless on what I really like. not everyone has a really huh..careful mind like your bf for instance to buy you expensive bag.ok. i know saving up and buying sth for myself...that's what i always do. Nobody ever bought anything expensive. i mean i just want to be thrilled/spoiled sometimes.:shame:
  15. wow good luck for valentine day :love: