Somebody please murder me. My boss is moving into the same cube as I.

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  1. So there are a few of us that are going to be crammed like sardines on one side of the office to make room for others because of a particular authoritative figure's priorities. My cubicle is a little on the large side, but is going to be shared with a total of three *other* people whose jobs/responsibilites have nothing to do with mine, except my boss. There are no built-in dividers, just all open space in a cubicle that is barely spacious enough for two employees. I never had this cubicle to myself; first, it was with three other people for 3 months, then two other people for 11 months, and then just one other person for 4 months.
    Starting tomorrow, there is going to be the worse combo of them all- not only three other people but also including my own boss. Plus, he's only the boss of me- no one else. Oh, and the other one is the girl that has the very obnoxious habits that I spoke about a couple times here. I already had problems with just space and privacy before in various degress and now this too!
  2. Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry :hugs:
  3. Oh geez!! :hugs:
  4. Start sending out resume's
  5. Sounds like a real nightmare! i agree with getting the resume in order and then out!
  6. I was always in the same space with my direct superior, usually working side by side. Unless you spend your entire day playing games on facebook and afraid he will find out, why are you so bothered? Be glad you have a job.
  7. Hah, you two said what I was thinking when they dropped the news on me today.

    Thanks for the huggies.

  8. His personality and intrusiveness, like standing behind me and just watching me work for great lengths of time and asking petty questions, like names I'm not required to remember.

  9. Wait, this isn't the stinky leakage thread is it? :P
  10. ^ Might as well be a Freudian slip with this news.
  11. So sorry - nobody wants a co-worker, let alone a supervisor, lurking over them at all times.

    Even if you are a hard worker who doesn't read email or surf the net, etc, most people are a lot more productive when they are give some personal space to do their job.

    Sounds like it might be time for you to look for a better situation. I know in this day and age we have to be flexible, but I don't think the cubicle situation in your office is very good for employee morale.
  12. ^ That's how I feel.

    Since I came home today, I've sent out four lengthy applications (for gov't jobs).
  13. Yikes... those arrangements shouldn't even be tolerated. I can see office rage increase when people have to spend 7 hours a day couped up in one cubicle let alone a room.

    One boss used to discuss her female issues on the phone when we shared the same office. Another boss used to sneak up behind me and spy on what I was doing on the computer or phone all the time (working what else). I recommend you put a mirror on your desk so you can see whenever he walks up behind you!
  14. Get out, this will drive you nuts. People don't leave the job, they leave the manager. Why companies don't get this is beyond me.
  15. yikes, hope you manage ok...