Somebody please murder me. My boss is moving into the same cube as I.

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  1. Wow.....I will keep you in my prayers....I would kill my boss if that happended....or get a new job...that would drive me bat s... crazy!
  2. I just can't imagine having to work with another person in my cubicle - although I do office audits so I need to have privacy for the people I'm auditing, otherwise we'd have more issues than just space concerns.

    So sorry you're dealing with this OP - I hope that you get out of this situation soon.
  3. You are so right! I left my last job after 10 years because of an insufferable, vengeful manager. You don't just walk out after 10 years for no reason, you know?
  4. :hugs:Wow that's not nice sorry this is happening to you.

    I honestly do not have a clue what it's like to share a office or cube.

    I've worked jobs in the past and had co-workers tell me my offices were big.

    I guess too me was nothing special just a work environment what you have to experience makes me more appreciative.

    Please try and stay positive and don't leave your job it will get much better!