Somebody please murder me. My boss is moving into the same cube as I.

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  1. Love your thread title - too funny.

    Seriously though - I think I would work on finding a new job.

    In the mean time - make sure your bag is locked in your desk..
  2. ^I have to agree...being that close to my boss would make me go postal...
  3. I hate that I use to sit right next to my boss at one of my prev jobs. I hated it, he would always get up and talk directly to me. I agree with the others start sending out resumes or try to move to another department.
  4. I hate that I use to sit right next to my boss at one of my prev jobs. I hated it, he would always get up and talk directly to me. I agree with the others start sending out resumes or try to move to another department. That's what I did.
  5. Oh you poor darling! I'm guessing your boss isn't the best person to share a cube with.
    I would love to share a cube with my boss, we get along so well!
    Good luck
  6. ooooh...hoping your surviving today. What a yucky situation. I'd go mad.
  7. I would probably agree with handing out resumes
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    The best defense is a good offense.
    Start lurking over his shoulder. Watch EVERY little thing he does when you have the chance.
    Let him feel your hot breath down the back of his neck and shirt. Tell him you are watching a genius at work. Annoy the life out of him.
    OR, things might go better than you expect. Maybe he will keep the others in line with his presence, even if he's not their boss. There are several ways in which this can work in your favor.

    ETA...response to Echoes below...True, maybe she should bring her work and coffee mug to Fat Cats' office, put her feet up, and tell him it's too busy and crowded in her cubicle to get anything done. Camp out in his space for awhile.
  9. I'd be just as peaved at the fat cat causing this move.
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    ^ Oh, we're all pretty much so. There are much larger cubicles (in comparison to the amount of space each of the four of us gets in one cube) in the office, and they are each for only one person. We're no longer sure how they prioritize who gets to be crammed in with no barriers and who gets their own ample cubicle because my boss is a high GS level and look at where he is now.


    The others are fine with or without him. The annoying habits the other girl has are personal, not work-related.

    Ah, lunchtime, and I'm getting used to the familiar head-shaking and gawking we get from people passing by our crowded, tiny space. My boss has been back and forth out of the cube moving his things; the other employee to move is doing the same. He's literally got boxes piled from floor to ceiling and so far, five cabinets crammed in the cube. I had nearly a dozen accordian folders and a few cabinets in here already. We're taking a lot more time than I thought because of the amount of documents our program has and we're trying to find ways to store them, storing them elsewhere outside the cube.

    Lol, the other girl sitting diagonally from me has told me that she's now job-hunting herself and for something else within her company. She's given me a heads-up of what's going on in her company.
  11. ^Whoa what gov't agency is doing that to you guys? I'll be sure to steer clear of any jobs there (I work for feds too).
  12. Cube-sharing is rampant on my floor (I work for a large financial institution). But it's only because our department has run out of space (which is a good thing). Management is looking for more space so everyone isn't crammed together.

    Luckily I have a small narrow cube that can really only fit one person. However, I have a bad location right by the men's room and the elevators.
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    Department of Justice, but it doesn't really have anything to do with it. DOJ is reputably a fantastic agency to work for, but if you're a contractor like I am, you will be screwed over one way or another. There are other factors that play into it to determine just how much you'll be screwed over, but the Fat Cat has not made that obvious yet. They threw in one inconsistency just recently like putting my high GS fed boss in here with us lower-level contractors. Wait, he works directly with a measly contractor; could that be it?

    Ah, I was hoping we weren't the only ones, but everyone else in this huge office has their own ample cubicle, often much more space than they need (You walk around here everyday for years and you continuously see little paperwork, supplies, etc. for most in excessively large spaces). This is BULL.
  14. Wow, what a misrable situation! When I first started my job, I had to share an office with my manager for ~1 month because of a floor move and it was awful. I had nothing to hide, but it's just uncomfortable knowing they are right there. I now have my own office and though I've considering moving on to other positions, this luxury has made me think twice.

    On a side note, I've heard of a similar move situation happening at other government agencies recently.

    Good luck with everything!
  15. ^ Thanks. Yeah, there was a time when I worked directly with a boss of mine in the same room; it was when I was on a 2-3 month business trip at my first job. My boss had a very fair, reasonable, and overall great personality and did not overly smother me at all. We got along very well. I did not mind it, especially considering I wasn't crammed into a much smaller space than I needed with multiple people.

    UPDATE: Girl #3 (the one just moving in) in the cube is also planning on quitting her job. We all have a similar deadline of the end of this year/beginning of next year. Apparently, after many occurrences of such b.s. that we shared, this move was the last straw for the three of us. My boss will end up being the only one here in the cube if we're successful in finding new jobs.