some people really lack class! how do you deal?

  1. Oyy, so I have usually 30-45 minutes in between two of my classes today, and it was too cold for me to leave and then come back, so I saw some friends, and put down my ink day and a binder on a chair to go get something, and so one of the girls (sort of friends with), picks up my bag and starts modeling it to another girl, so I turn away to continue my conversation because I thought it was harmless, all she was saying is how nice it is and what great leather it is. Then another great gal walks in, as shes doing this shes says "No its not, its PLEATHER". :wtf: And I look up and try to laugh it off "Nah, its not pleather..." and I didn't want to just yell out that it was a balenciaga, because thats why I love them, it doesn't scream designer. and she goes "pleather pleather pleather!" And I'm starting to feel uncomfortable because the rest of them look at me and I just look at her and say, "I can assure you its not pleather, you know me, I don't spend on clothes, this is how I choose to treat myself". "Its still pleather".

    Then the girl who was modeling it then asked "what brand is it?" and I sighed and said quietly that it was a balenciaga. Then she gets standoffish and replies as she sets down the bag abruptly "Um..yeah I never heard of this brand". And I shrug, thinking yeah you probably haven't but what does this have to do with her enjoying the bag a couple of minutes prior? And then she unzips my bag, and I'm looking at another friend of mine like "WTF.. how did I walk into this" and shes just going through my bag, and she sees the tag, and shes looks up at me and then asks "can I look at the tag" and I'm like...okay? Not understanding why shed ask after she goes through my bag. "See..I never heard of this brand so..." and then my friend trying to be a good friend lowers herself by imitating her, and then it just went from there. Usually I stay away from the resident "mean girls", but I needed a quieter place to just finish some stuff on a desk.

    So I try to help steer the conversation onwards so it didn't seem like I would leave just because I was so insulted. I never had to deal with this before, but did I handle this wrong? I know they are all lovers of coach, myself included, everything in my bag is some cute coach accessory, and are very mainstream, but I didn't think she would resort to that, just people someone wasn't talking about her wristlet. :rolleyes: I thought I left that catty life as I turned my tassle and shook hands on my diploma.

    Have you had similar interactions? How have you dealed? What do you usually say?

    (Thanks for letting me vent!)
  2. ^ well...I am guessing these girls are young....I don't have these issues because I'm the girl in the group of friends who loves fashion and no one would dare step over my toes like that...

    anywho if I were you, I woulda gotten their purse and smacked the back of their heads with it and see how the enjoyed it...LOL i'm kidding...but it woulda been funny
  3. Good lord! These are "friends"?? I'm speechless.
  4. Oh no she didn't! :shocked:

    As soon as she gets home you know she's going to google "Balenciaga" and get knocked off her chair once she realizes that a real Bbag is most definitely *not* made of pleather!

    I think you handled the situation very well. Good for you. It's hard to tell people that your bag is real without feeling like a snob in some sense...but hey, the truth is the truth.
  5. oh, just ignore it (which is hard to do!). i have a feeling she knows her balenciaga from her gucci. I think she was just being a meany to see how you'd react. you should have started digging through her bag! i'm sure she would have loved that! :supacool:

    Not worth your time to let someone so petty bother you. I'd keep my bag far away from her in the future though. she sounds like the type that would "accidentally" dump her coffee on it.
  6. How rude!!!! & to go through your things????? serious lack of good manners there. Avoid those girls like the plague!
  7. ^^^ mercer that's spot on....she's aggressively jealous rather than quietly jealous...the worst kind of girl. keep that ink beauty away from her coffee!

    But I wouldnt let those types bother me say "I've never heard to balenciaga" then proceed to go through someone's bag is completely tacky and rude. She's not even worth edificating. LOL I actually dont think her age is a factor..sadly there are these "types" of people who have to be top dog and step over others to do makes them feel great about themselves...I'm sure lots of people have workplace stories of these kind of people. Just ignore them and thank them silently for showing you how not to be!
  8. What strikes me funny is thinking how if 20-odd women act like this now, imagine how they acted in high school, or even five years from now. I guess friends was the wrong term, but I like to be civil with them since I'll be seeing them till May, its really sucky the way my schedule is, I would love for it to be back to back so I don't have to rush to work afterwards. It could also do, now that I'm thinking about it, I am the only one that works and supports myself out of that Their parents still pay their way, so that could be a factor? I don't know, I pinch corners on everything else, why can't I just enjoy a splurge.
  10. OMG!!! they're soooo rude :wtf:
  11. :nuts: Yes, me too.

    Write it down for her. B A L E N C I A G A. Give her the style and the phone number to Balenciaga NY and tell her to give them a call and ask how much their PLEATHER bags are. The next day ask her what they said.
  12. She's probably really competitive and if her parents have money she is probably used to having the nicest stuff. When you started insisting it was leather - it probably prompted her to find out the brand because I'm sure she wanted to find out more about it.

    I would still try and be friendly with her - it could have just been a really stupid moment. Its hard to say.
  13. Just laugh it off girl. Clearly these girls were jealous. They also probably wanted to see the tag and know what brand it is so they can go out and get one.

    Just find comfort in your good taste and their lack of manners or style!
  14. Another jealous girl. She's lucky you're nice because if she would have gone through my purse she'd be seeing stars right now!!
  15. ^^ ditto!!! :hysteric: