Socialites and their Hermes

  1. Can anyone ID the shirt she's wearing? I'm obsessing about it.
  2. According to her Instagram, it's by Les Eclaires.
  3. Thanks!
  4. Lol!
  5. Bryn Dorfman.
    19761233_727756257409611_6137059454786469888_n.jpg 17493775_205548066599639_4639564784289710080_n.jpg 17663464_184513898727426_454665160645148672_n.jpg 17817773_198777943949191_6240696319854247936_n.jpg 19761221_146326865920317_1035217625212256256_n.jpg

    With Olga Shalnova.
    17332983_760328214142412_7728217500764078080_n.jpg 19052032_719829884886526_1824798945415528448_n.jpg
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  6. Olga Shalnova.
    1547179359496263143_232129208.jpg 1545232751644885062_232129208.jpg 1441353249462744983_232129208.jpg 1496608130519644518_232129208.jpg 1521076338072935125_232129208.jpg
    At the Margiela Artisanal show.
    At the Amfar dinner.
    With her mother.
    With Luna de Casanova.
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  7. Susan Casden on 4th July. I think she's using a shoulder strap on her Birkin again.
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  8. I really need glasses... I just assumed she was wearing a kelly!
  9. Sorry for the quality of the photo. I can barely pick out two handles but she's been known to use straps for Birkins before. See here.
  10. Lori Harvey.
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  11. Thanks for posting the link i looked back and i feel bad for that bag haha. She may as well invest in a kelly epsom sellier 25/28 and then if she likes the look/use of a gaping tote just leave the kelly open . That is far better than putting such strain on the actual straps which could really distort them overtime; even one time of use could do that especially with people hugging her in those pics which causes stress on the bag worn this way.
    A strap use for short period to say put things in the car seems fine but looks like the way she wears it is for a full event this way... A no no in my eyes!
  12. I think I like the accessory walking on her right the best.....:blush:
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  13. Oh, you. :lol:
  14. Viky Rader (vikyandthekid). Now I really want an Evelyn Sellier! :loveeyes: :biggrin: Anyone know what size it is? Looks like a 29.
    19955611_1934817086767185_4039378654118019072_n.jpg 20065293_2055348884687809_4295784890269433856_n.jpg 19986029_1308617179237263_3359505191089995776_n.jpg 20066520_1260450137398058_8710345378827862016_n.jpg 19933246_488575394819348_546168953555124224_n.jpg
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  15. Bryn Dorfman.
    19764417_486221831726066_8204482550157017088_n.jpg 19954891_452394908449650_7903278065646567424_n.jpg
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