Socialites and their Hermes

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  2. Bag Snob blogger Tina Craig, Instagram

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  3. Tina, please splurge on a red belt or scarf. I am certain that you are thrilled that the little bag matches, but this double-bag look is, ah, not optimal...unless you actually need to carry things.
  4. Pretty Ms. Lim killing it with H, as always ... ImageUploadedByPurseForum1440012023.829030.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1440012040.347186.jpg
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    Who is Peony Lim? Ok, she is the object of my girl crush. She is a London fashion blogger and has the MOST amazing style. She can mix Hermes with Levis, or Chanel with her mother's 70s jeans, or even muddy Hunter boots and a man's shirt and still look AMAZING. Her signatures (besides amazing clothes and accessories) are her luscious locks and red lipstick. I :love: her.

    PS - I don't quite know why she qualifies as a "socialite" but I saw others on TPF post her pics in here and I followed suit. :smile:
  6. Any idea what red lipstick she wears?
    I am in the market with my new red H buys.
  7. Thank you LaChocolat. Love her style and red lip
  8. hey, LaC, you are the bomb. Thanks for the information.
    I don't look a thing like Peony Lim but I will check this out.
  9. I know! I'd kill for that hair!!!
  10. Right? Perfection. So many celebrities have extensions, but I think hers is the real deal. Fabulousness.
  11. The bag...and the hair. Sigh.
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