So sad!! my L'amore BV

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  1. I bought it from Macys about two weeks ago. Saddest part being that I have never abuse this bag and I know because of its material i shouldnt put too much to weight down the bag. I've only used it twice and the zipper fell and then when i try to put it back , the stiches came apart. ahh i am going to post a picture tonight. so far its just the BV.

    I own a foresta campeggio for over 9 months and nothing like this ever happen to it. So...i am guessing if its just the BV.

    For those of you thinking about using the trenino for laptop, u should think twice because i doubt the material is going to hold it and soon or later it'd just damage the stiches.

  2. Yup. so far its just the mm and bvs.
  3. I got this at a discount from macys, i doubt they would honor the discount if i change the style. so my best bet would probably be exchanging for the same style.
  4. Hmm kokebon ... who knows, maybe they would honor it if you changed the style. You could just tell them that you thought about it and this style just doesn't work for you and you think something else might be better. I think it's worth a shot :yes:

  5. :lol: I was just wondering b/c I didn't see Lattegrl post that her bag broke so I was :confused1:!!! No me I know how it is getting older and all!! :nuts:

  6. This bv only cost me 96plus tax. lol. a mistake with the pricing and on top of that 20% off.
    oh well, i guess i will have to call macys and see what they have. I bought a inferno bv two weeks ago and I am using it today for the first time, lets see how long this will last. lol!!

  7. i am in Los angeles/pasadena area. I went to the macys around here and they didnt have it.
  8. TokiJenY - from now all I will try harder to pay closer attention to posts .. :lol: time to do more sudokus

    kokebon - omg that was a steal .. lol :biggrin: Ahh I hope the inferno BV holds up better. It really isn't fair that we have to worry like this ...
  9. Wow. It truly sucks, I thought my bags were $$$ to be made in China and it bummed me when i bought them. But, they made me so happy. When LV falls apart they will repair and replace that is sooo good. Shoot, I wanted to use my Toki's now I'm getting afraid...
  10. idk? the regular lesportsac bags i have has no problems? :shrugs: ..thats sucks for the price we pay for our tokis!!
  11. Oh no! Now I'm totally paranoid. I just bought 3 BV's - a Pirata from Macy's and a Foresta & Citta Rosa from eBay. Don't want to return them for different styles. Hmmm? Should I wear them and just not close the zipper all the way, or should I just keep them as cool collectors items? I wanted to get an Inferno, Amore and maybe a Spiaggia in BV too.:confused1:

  12. I dont know what to say, but honestly I have no idea how the zipper came out since I am so gentle with it. secondly, I don't put a lot of stuff in there. mainly just wallet and my cell phone. I am guessing that you shouldnt push the zipper all the way to the end, you have to leave some space where its zipped. Cuz when i tried to put it back on, the stiches fell apart and its a mess now, i cant even fix it.
  13. i had a similar problem w/ my ciao but i put the silver zipper-pull back on and made a few reinforcing stitches at the end of the rainbow zipper so the silver puller can't "zip off".
  14. I have been using my Original Ciao for a long time and it's still in one piece. The only complain is the the leather seems to get stained easily, mostly from color rub off from my jeans, I think. Other than that, everything else looks fine. I haven't had enough time to use the others in my collection and after reading this thread, I am getting PARANOID too!

    Wow, I didn't expect the craftmanship to be this inferior. Maybe this only happens to the latter print?
  15. well so far its only on the BV. I dont know about other ones. I have a gioco and its fine for now and campeggion is ok too.

    maybe thats why tokidoki is leaving LeSportsac. they quality aint that great. think about it, if it werent for the designer we wouldnt be spending so much money on these poor quality bags.

    So whats going to happen after this year? will we see more of Simone's designer bags?