So sad!! my L'amore BV

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  1. Actually, I think Tokidoki singed a contract with LeSportsac and that they would desingn the bags for only a certain period. Just like what Gwen Stefani did for her L.A.M.B collection.

    I wouldn't say LeSportsac's bags are of poor quality as the brand is well known to be long lasting. It's just that since the bags are manufactured all over the world, some may be inferior. The classic bags has tags which reads where the bag was made i.e Peru, Costa Rica, China, USA, etc, but not the Tokidoki though.

    Anyone ha
    ves any idea if the Tokidoki's also come from different manufacturing factory all over the world?

  2. Are you sure the stitches didn't fall apart first?
    And then since the end is open, the zipper just slid out when you closed it?
    That's what happend to me, and I only used it 3 times and never carried alot, nothing heavy. :tdown:

    Waiting for the pictures to see. :supacool:
  3. Try alcohol-free baby wipes. I have a couple Louis Vuitton's and the gals on that forum recommend baby wipes to clean the vachetta leather. - I had a problem with my jeans rubbing on my LV leather, turned it blue, then used the baby wipes and it came off.
  4. Thanks for the tips QueenLouis! I'll give it a try. You're right about the leather turning blue. Hopefullt this will work!
  5. My Pirata Cucciolo is having the same problem, although the zipper pull is still on there and hasn't fallen completely off yet. It just gets of the zipper track and I have to force it back on. It's too difficult for me to find a place to exchange it, so do you think it would be okay to have my mom secure it on there?
  6. yeah that's true and that's what i think to.
    i sympathize with you guys cuz some stuff happened to my bv too, and the zipper with my pirata mm had some issues :wtf:

    i am conflicted, it's quite terrible cuz the quality i am getting isn't worth it but i am a big sucker for cute things. sooo cute..(!) well at least it's ending soon :P