So sad!! my L'amore BV

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  1. I just bought it two weeks ago and used it about twice. the stiches came apart and the zipper pull is gone. I need to exchange. Does anyone know if there's any more L'amore BV in Southern CA area?
  2. oooh nooo that sux!!! where in So Cal are u around? I know a lot of Macy's still had the bag...can u exchange it there? call them up and see if it's in stock. the bags have a warranty from lesportsac for a year i think.... G'luck!
  3. :wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf: That's terrible!!! I've seen them at Macy's too. I think at this point Macy's is going to be your best bet to get a replacement. Where did you purchase it from?
  4. didn't somebody else here have the same problem w/their amore bag??

    such poor quality control... I can't believe it!!! esp since we pay WAY more for these bags than the regular lesportsac!
  5. Yeah that same problem happened to Snoopa last month I believe. LatteGrl said she had the same problem with her bag too!
  6. Oh my god, I can't believe it happend to you too. :cursing:
    We talked about it here , it kinda ruined tokidoki for me for a while, I just don't feel like spending so much money on a bag I have to worry about all the time, and even when I'm really gentle it just falls apart. :tdown:

    I still haven't fixed the stitches, I just hook the zipper back if it falls, happend like 3-4 times.
  7. This sucks!! :cursing: It happened to Lattegrl too?? :confused1:
  8. oops it wasn't LatteGrl :biggrin:

    argh .. TokiJenY .. that's what happens when u get older ... your mind plays tricks on you .. lmao
  9. oh my!! i just got done writing about it in "on the streets" thread. that happened to my paradiso mm!!! the threads came undone by the beginning of the zipper and then there's nothing holding the zipper in. the zipper pull slides right off!!! that is just absolutely terrible. are we not supposed to use our bv's and mm's now????

    i'd return it to where you purchased it and buy a different style if you really want one. all the money we spend on these bags, is too much to ask to have them last more than a month??

    printing problems, threads coming undone, "sticky" zippers, broken zippers, rivets breaking...those are the problems i've experienced. it's really a wonder why i keep buying these things, isn't it?
  10. Hmm yeah it is a wonder .. now I'm considering returning a couple of my bags while I still have the chance. But I got such greats deals on them ... what to do, what to do
  11. I wonder if the regular Lesportsac bags have similar issues... isn't tokidoki teh only one not made in the US?
  12. yeahh..I am soo dissapointed with Toki Bags quality. Now I am afraid of using my foresta campeggio. I have been wearing my paradiso bambinone for almost a month is still holding up well.
    For the money we paid, I think we deserve higher quality items. At one point, I was soo disappointer, I dont wanna buy any more toki, but the print is soo cute !
    Tehlilon you are right, the other regular bags are made in USA.
  13. what a bummer! hopefully you'll be able to exchange it for another one.
  14. is this just happening to MMs & BVs ?

    i haven't had any major problems with my ciao or my dolce so far..
  15. :lol: that's what happens when you get things "made in china" :roflmfao: so sad but tru