Small diamonds (1ct and under)

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  1. Oooo lv-rawks your 3 stone ring is gorgeous and my "grail" ring hahah!!! When I was engaged, I lusted after this setting. Maybe someday!!! ;)

  2. Mine is half a carat solitaire too in 18k gold. Its not as big as the rings here but I love it! Its second hand too. Some people laughed at me for buying a ring off kijiji but I didnt care! I love that my husband bought it for me. I like it too that he save a lot of money this way rather than spending a lot from a chain store. The previous owner bought this ring for 3400 thenwe bought it from her way way less than that. I almost bought a brand new ring which was the same half carat but in 14 k gold for 1650 but I returned it because i like this old ring better which has more gold, better quality and cheaper price, thats a very good deal! Who cares what they think as long as you like it right?

  3. I love pawn shops too. My first ring from my husband was bought from one too. Wow yours even looks so expensive. Id be proud wearing that too lol!
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  4. I agree - ALL beautiful! It’s all relative. There are a million people who would love to have a quarter ct diamond, and who cares if they’re previously owned. Who made up the “rules” anyway? Wear what you LOVE, and love what you wear. Personally, I wear a $19 fake topaz and cz ring (from a casino kiosk shop) with my Rolex, and get compliments on that ring all the time - more than my diamond ring LOL! I think when people start worrying less about what others think, the happier we will all be :smile:
  5. Mine is not a diamond (it's a moissanite) but it's under 1ct! I've been wearing this 0.66ct moissy for almost 8 years and still love it. :smile: wedding rings.jpg
  6. yours look so pretty! i love it! honestly, you cant tell its not diamond and who cares as long as it sparkles. i heard moissanites sparkle more than diamonds.
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  7. Hello :smile: Here is my 18ct gold, platinum and old European cut Edwardian trilogy ring, dated 1911. It is .35 total carat weight, and is a size UK S / US 9. It is incredibly difficult to photograph because the diamonds look astonishing under low lighting - which isn't so great for photos!

    It was a antique market find which my partner bought for me and I love it (and him!) dearly :smile:
  8. Love moissy. I have a moissy eternity band and a 1 ct equiv solitaire in forever brilliant category. Sad thing is after my pregnancy my rings does not fit.
  9. IMG_1524573362.921134.jpg
    Rose gold eternity bands with very small pink diamonds.
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  10. I have a 1 carat D color round. I am thinking of getting a new setting for it, or getting a match for earrings. This thread has given me ideas for settings.
    What would you do with this diamond? I would wear it on my middle finger if I do reset it.
    I do like the solitaire look, but wondering if it looks too much like a wedding ring. I also have .25 ct D stones (two) that are for the second hole in my ear. I don’t wear them anymore, but thinking of adding to the ring. Or should I sell them as earrings? So many choices, lol!

  11. so pretty! lucky you
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  12. My princess cut diamond my husband bought me when I was 22. It’s more modest now that I’m older but when I was younger this ring was flashy! [emoji7]


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  13. it doesn't look modest at all! I love it!
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    Thanks! I also wear it everyday and never take it off. Like ever. I wear it while doing dishes, cleaning, showering, sleeping, etc. The poor baby has never been rhodium plated either and it’s probably been 8 yrs since it’s be professionally polished. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]

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