Small diamonds (1ct and under)

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  1. I live in South America and I feel like smaller diamonds are the norm (or they were the norm when we got married 10 years ago). Mine is 0.33 carats. I still love it. IMG_7112.jpg IMG_7116.jpg IMG_7117.jpg
  2. My half eternity ring looks really yellow in the pictures but it’s really nice IRL [emoji13][emoji13][emoji13]
  3. Your set looks fantastic - and beautiful hands/nails too!
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  4. IMG_1539718665.160253.jpg my 0.77 carat oval solitaire engagement ring
  5. It's gorgeous! What ring size do you wear, if you don't mind me asking?

    Do you know what kind of wedding band you want to pair it with?

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  6. thank you!! :smile:
    It is size 5, i have skinny fingers LOL
    I am not sure about band yet, probably would like a bit thicker wedding band with diamonds around
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  7. IMG_20181117_155654.jpg IMG_20181117_155607.jpg Everyone's rings are stunning!
    Here's a bunch of small diamonds my mom made into one ring for me in Hong Kong.

    Here's another from Hong Kong. It's only 0.4 carats and turns into a pendant. IMG_20181117_155413.jpg
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