Small diamonds (1ct and under)

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  1. Nooo! I'm 17 weeks pregnant right now -I hope my rings still fit afterwards! I guess they're so simple I could get them re-sized, but there's a beautiful quote inside the wedding band I wouldn't want messed with. I love moissanite so much that if I ever "upgraded" my ring, I'd still go with another moissanite :smile:
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  2. I miss my moissy everyday. It wasn't an ering, it was a set I gifted myself after clearing FRM exam. Now I wear a small quarter carat diamond and although it's pretty I miss the moissy rainbow sparkles. Also my eternity band can't be resized. I sure hope one day my daughter will appreciate the pieces.

  3. You should be careful of getting it to the water though. It wears the gold faster. But better wear the gold then lost it lol. I do remove mine when i do the dishes or wash my hands but when im in someone elses house I dont because i might misplace it. Its harder to look for it outside my home than outside!

  4. Use them as a pendant for the mean time. My friend who was pregnant was rushed to the hospital bec she cant get it out and her fingers were swollen. They cut off her ring on the er!
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  5. It’s interesting to see how engagement ring sizes differ around the world. Here where I live, 1 ct would be considered pretty large! Outside my circle of friends (all professional making lots of $$), something like 0.30-0.50 ct would be considered standard for an e-ring :smile:

    Anyway, here is my 0.70 ct G VS2 princess halo with 0.70 ctw of diamonds on the pave setting. There are about 150 of them, and I’ve had to get a few replaced since they do fall out once in a blue moon (luckily for free by the jewelry we purchased from). Metal is platinum, and was a tough choice when platinum was still $$$ compared to white gold. Diamond looks very yellow here thanks to my desk. It is also kind of dirty and needs a good cleaning...sadly the bottom of the diamond gets dirty from all the soap and lotion I use and is kind of a pain to clean!

    The ultra thin shank means my fat finger doesn’t get squeezed haha! That is, until I got my wedding band and I had to size up 1/2 size to wear both without having a serious case of sausage fingers. [emoji849]

    I got engaged when I was 21 so it was a very flashy piece of jewelry for me back then! I initially wanted a 1 ct diamond but thought it was too big for someone so young. Plus, DH wasn’t that much older so even this ring was no small sum of money for a young 20-something. I’m 30 now and I will definitely be buying myself a larger diamond ring in the future. [emoji6] but it will never replace my one and only engagement ring [emoji173]️

  6. Hello everyone, would like to share my humble ring that my DH gave me when we found out we were pregnant, it’s a 0.3 GIA solitaire diamond with side diamonds double band ring. I appreciate this ring so much even though it’s just a small solitaire. I been wearing this everyday. We got it at our local Singapore jewellery shop. :heart:

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  7. My lovely husband has just bought me an eternity ring. I'm really happy with my modest stack, although I regret not having my e-ring and w-ring polished before adding the new one!

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  8. You guys are having so lovely rings, Thanks for sharing.
    I would like to share my wife's ring with you all.

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  9. It suits her hand! Very pretty!
  10. Your wife has such beautiful hands! I love the ring too, looks gorgeous on her!
  11. FF42876E-0F74-406B-B85D-9196121D307C.jpeg

    My beautiful set. Wouldn’t change it for anything. I also think small dainty diamonds look so elegant and classy. I have an eternity ring as well but lately have been wearing just these two and digging the minimalist style.
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  12. Beautiful, a classy set [emoji813]
    Nothing vulgar about it :loveeyes:
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  13. Love your set! I love yellow gold for wedding rings and have a yellow gold set myself! Almost everyone has white gold or platinum nowadays, so it’s very rare and unique to see someone with a lovely yellow gold set, especially a solitaire! So lovely and classic—I have a 1/2 carat yellow gold solitaire I pair with a 1/2 carat tw diamond band.

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  14. Your set is stunning. I love solitaires. I think that no matter what the style a solitaire will always be “with the times”. And also yellow gold is classic. Even if other types of gold are in style, yellow always comes back around.
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  15. This is mine. Not an ering but I got it myself. 0.43 center. I forgot the tw but it's within 0.60. IMG_20180804_172424__01__01.jpg
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