Small diamonds (1ct and under)

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  1. Everyone here has such big and beautiful engagement rings but I'm sure there are others like me who have smaller diamonds :yes: Share your pics!!

    Mine is little (0.35ct) but it sparkles (F color VVS1)
    here it is alone

    and with my wedding band
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  2. ^^ your diamond ring is STUNNING!!! look @ that white color! your set is beautiful and you have such elegant hands!!!:love::love:

    you proved that you dont need a big diamond to have a TDF ring!!
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  3. [​IMG]

    1 carat F, VS2 in HALO setting.
  4. thanks miss alice :smile:

    miss D your ring is gorgeous! I havent seen that setting before and would love to see more pics if you have any
  5. Beautiful rings, ladies!!
  6. Gorgeous rings! KathyinJapan...yours is from Tiffany, right? It is beautiful! MissD...WOW! That halo is gorgeous and it looks huge on your finger!

    Here are mine:

    First is my three stone that I got for our last anniversary (our 10th). The center is .51 and the sides are .27 each. They are all F VS2

    The RB solitaire belonged to my late mother in law. I am not sure on the specs, but I know the size is .75-.80. It is very clear and white.

    The pear is my e-ring. .62 I SI1.

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  7. THanks!

    Sorry the pics are so blurry! I just cannot for the life of me do a proper macro shot!
  8. Ooh!! Where did you get that gorgeous setting?
  9. I had it custom made in Chicago at a local jeweler in Chicago's diamond district. :biggrin:
  10. thank you :smile: Yes, it's from Tiffany

    I love your rings!! and you're so lucky to have THREE!

    miss D- thanks fort he pics. your setting is soo unique and gorgeous!
  11. ^ your ring is lovely!

    with tiffany rings, you just "know" even without saying where it comes from. so awesome!
  12. wow..missD your ring is orgeous! i love that setting!
    kathyinjapan, i loove your ring too...the color is fab!!!
  13. Mine:

    Ering is a .86ct H/SI2 Star129 Branded Ideal Round with 129 facets.
    Wring is a 9-stone, .36ct Raphael Diamond Wedding Band from Signed Pieces/Facets Collection.





  14. thanks for sharing your beautiful rings ladies!
  15. woowo...gorgeous rings:tup::yes: