skin tone - what colour metal suits you??


Oct 1, 2012
Melbourne Australia
Found a fun article. I love the look of rg-pg on olive skin. But being pale it says I should wear wg. I really want to wear yg these days. What are yr skin tones-wrist veins girls??


Nicole Angela
Aug 26, 2009
My veins are green. I am warm and tan very easily. I seriously get three shades darker in the summer by not even trying. I prefer yellow gold and always have . I just started to get into pink. I only prefer white if a diamond is involved, meaning larger diamonds. I think hair color matters too as I think YG looks great on warmer blondes. I have very long (waist) dark hair and YG stands out on me.


Jan 20, 2012
I couldn't do anything with this. I must be in the middle.

I think it said I should wear chokers, but I usually hate chokers because I like to wear scoop neck or v neck tops. They make me look taller. I like to fill in the neckline with a v shape.

I love all 3 colors of metals. Rose gold tends to disappear on my skin, but sometimes I like rose gold the best. I have found other ways to make it show up: a sparkly chain, a mop inlay, two tone jewelry. Sometimes it's nice if the bigger pieces are more subdued.

I have heard that EVERYBODY looks good in coral. I don't know where that was coming from. Blue (including turquoise) and coral are my best non-neutral colors. Orange, yellow, red, lime green not so much. So maybe I AM cool-toned. But brown is really good on me, and browns are darker variations of orange, yellow and red.

I don't think you can categorize too much. I think everyone could have a custom color palette. There are veins, skin tone, hair color and shape, eye color and shape, smile shape, personality, lighting, posture, proportions, makeup preferences, clothing preferences.... Just try all kinds of things on, look in a full length mirror, and see how you feel. Or have a color consultant or stylist advise you based on your specific characteristics.

My most recent jewelry purchases included all 3 metals and were totally about how the pieces made me feel. I didn't want to take them off. :smile:


Seeking treasure
May 28, 2014
Suffolk, UK
I'm very fair and would never agree white gold looks best on pale skin! We pale ladies need warmth. If your skin is yellow toned then yellow gold, if it's red toned then go for rose :smile:

I am pink toned and yellow gold looks nowhere near as nice as pink.


Feb 27, 2013
United kingdom
My veins are blue. I have dark hair and blue eyes and I tan easily, but I am not olive skinned. I have never really liked the look of yellow and rose gold metals on my skin tone, although I love them on other people. I wear Platinum pieces, but recently I have started to wear a two tone SS/YG watch and a YG diamond pendant on a platinum chain. I also have a RG Tiffany open heart pendant and chain. I think I can just about get away with them whilst I have a tan. In the winter I think I will be going back to silver tone only.


Apr 16, 2011
My veins are green and I have very pale yellow-toned skin and long blonde hair. I can only wear WG in earrings - on anything else it just makes me look washed out. I love YG and how it looks with my skintone and hair... Love RG too and it looks nice on me but not as nice as YG.


Seeking treasure
May 28, 2014
Suffolk, UK
Btw I couldn't disagree more with the skin tone info. I'm a natural red head, pale skin, blue veins, pink undertone. White metals make me look rather ill and I look way better in peach pearls than stark white.

Load of old codswallop if you ask me!


only the best
Aug 13, 2011
constant state of wanting sparkle
Hmm my veins are purple and green..... Lol. More purple though, brunette... Idk if I agree with the site bc I'm very warm toned with golden undertones. Everything I put on my face is gold toned or called beige lol. Yellow and rose look best on me with yellow being the forerunner. I like how it looks like it glows on my olive skin tone. However I prefer pink gold. I like platinum for large diamonds though. It looks cool and modern on me, but fortunately I can wear all colors.


Midas Jr.
Jun 30, 2011
Best Coast, USA
My mother has very pale skin and white metals make her look like a corpse - she needs the added warmth of yellow gold to counteract her icy undertones. Silver washes her out.

I have warm golden olive skin that makes 18 karat gold look brassy in comparison. Silver and gunmetals look much better on me. Rose gold looks decent but it blends in and doesn't pop. Every time I wear gold people tell me to stick to silver.

I feel these color guides help, but skin tone is so variable that exceptions are everywhere.


Jan 18, 2011
RG melts and disappears on my easily tanned Asian skin, also looks a little copper-ish. I can easily do WG which makes me look more mature and sharp, and YG would warm and blings me up. Cartier's washed up-turned YG is the only RG that would survive on me. Bulgari or Hermes very pink RG is a no-no.


Sep 8, 2009
I'm warm toned and I mostly wear YG jewelry. I do have a couple of 3-color earrings w/ YG post. I can't wear white gold as I'm allergic to it, and I also looked washed out in Platinum/Silver/White Gold.

I also have a round face, most of my necklaces are long, up to 28''. It sucks because I'm eyeing the Tiffany Knot necklace and it's only available in 16''.