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  1. I've been reading through different forums and I see so many people saying that the MK signature bags are tacky, ok, so LVs all over a bag aren't tacky, Cs all over a bag aren't tacky and DBs aren't and so forth and so forth, but MKs for some reason are deemed tacky.
    Also seems like so many people hate Michael Kors. It seems a lot of women who buy the "premier" bags look down on him and the people who carry his bags. It just makes me mad! I would never call anything tacky knowing that there are people on the forum who may like the style, it's ok if someone doesn't like a particular designer or bag, but don't put down the people who do. People are so mean in this world! Not trying to start a fight, but had to vent and I'm interested in what others think.
  2. I got one my first MKs for christmas..a gunmetal jet set EW tote that I found on sale for my Mom to get me from macys for under $100. she's a retiree and she gets a discount so she liked that. Anyway, I was buying something at Ross (a small DKNY clutch type bag) in January and the checkout guy was talking about how nice DKNY is compared to MK signature patterns. As my bag was right in front of him at the checkout!

    Now, I picked that color because the MK is less noticeable (grey on grey). But still! I didn't know what to say to someone being so rude to a customer.

    I own a whole different slew of brands: Michael Kors, Born, Cole Haan, DKNY, Calvin Klein, Lauren, Fossil, Coach. I go with color and style (and a great deal is hard to resist!). I only have the one monogrammed bag because I personally don't go much for any design that calls attention to itself and I am pretty much a leather kinda gal. But that is my personal style and I would never say anything to someone who has a signature style bag like that.
  3. He was pretty rude! Like you said, you don't prefer the monogrammed bags, but you don't put down those who do like them, that's how it should be, everyone has different tastes and preferences. I've wanted a MK vanilla monogrammed bag for awhile now, but after reading some comments, I thought I don't want people to look at my bag and all they can think of is tacky, lol, but I did buy one yesterday with Macy's pre sale, picking it up tomorrow (yay!). I figure if I like it that is all that matters! Thanks for your input!
  4. I would say that monograms are less understated. And by that I mean I would never take one to a Job Interview where your bag shouldn't call attention to itself or be trendy. I have been looking for a black leather job interview bag forever that is simple, not too big (not a shopping bag!), not too small (needs to hold a portfolio). I found a Cole Haan one I like, but it doesn't hold much (depth is kinda thin). That isn't an issue so much for an interview where you don't need the kitchen sink, but would never work as a daily work tote.
  5. I bought a Selma a few weeks ago so that is my sophisticated MK, lol. MK has some medium totes in the saffiano leather, they have a MK hanging fob, but it can be removed, I think it would make a good interview bag, in my opinion at least. It's hard to find bags now that aren't too small or too big, at least it is for me.
  6. He has a few totes that may work for you. Macy's is having a 20% off sale going on right now.
  7. Calvin Klein has some nice totes too.
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    I do read a lot of comments in forums that they really do look down on monogram MK,Coach CC, logo but it's not right in any way shape or form. Whatever people's have or they buy it's their money they can spend it in any brand they want or any style they preffer with that being said we should always respect each other's taste thats why there is so many different colors to choose from...I do own LV bag but I never carry their monogram print not because it's tacky it's just the "patina drama" lol.. I have no time for that and I live here in Seattle which is 90% of a time its raining:sad: any bag,any print, as long you know you rocking it that's all matters:smile: have a good day everyone!
  9. Thanks for commenting Apelila! I didn't even realize that many people judged others on the bag they carry until I started on here, but I guess it's the same as when people judge you for the clothes and shoes you wear, or the car you drive and so on and so on, such a ridiculous waste of time! You have a good day too!
  10. I also read this a lot in the forums. There is a lot of "hate" for MK. People complain that MK steals the designs of others. They also talk a lot about the monograms of MK and Coach. I don't personally like monograms anymore. I just recently sold my last LV mono bag because I no longer like them. I really think it's of low taste to claim one designer's mono is better than the other.

    No one should be put down because of the bag they carry. It is "just a bag", after all......
  11. You are right, he gets a lot of flack from people saying he copies LV and other designers, but he is not the only designer that draws inspirations from others, also his designs are not exact replicas of LV, I have seen other designer bags that to me are almost directly like an LV bag. All designers do it, I don't know what bag it is but I read on here that MK had the design first than LV came out with their own version. I think it's pretty normal for designers to see what is popular and in trend and then do their own thing with it, that is how they know what people are looking for.
    I know I get tired of carrying a certain type of bag after awhile and I switch to another style or designer, so I know what you mean! Thanks for commenting!
  12. Also, I've read a few comments saying LV should sue MK, lol, what people don't realize is there are no copyrights on designs only the logos.
  13. MK had the Zip Top Tote first then LV came out with the Totally...... :smile:
  14. Oh ok! Thanks, I couldn't remember which one it was.
  15. Totally agree! I was buying a vintage LV piece from a seller and we were negotiating on price but she wouldn't budge. So instead of countering or refusing my offer, she started saying to me to use my money to buy a brand new MK or Coach instead! It was so rude and insulting not just to me, but also to these brands! It's up to buyers to decide what they like and want to spend money on! why do some ppl think they can look down on a brand or ppl just because it's not what they prefer! Honestly, I have Chanel and LVs too but I would never look down on coach or MK just because of pricing or anything else! Sry, major venting here too. 😜😜