Show us your NON Mulberry purchases!

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  1. oh how annoying, but I think the M&S one is fabulous :nuts:, instore at Next are really helpful and I am sure they will refund p&p for a fault, and you see the credit the v next day ;)
  2. oh the gloves are gorgeous too, do they feel lovely and soft x
  3. Thanks ladies for lovely comment, SA told me there will be two new colours in Jan 2011 (though don't know whether it's really true or not!).

    sjmidd, what's my chloebabe cape!? :nuts: I must have missed it - off to have a look... Somehow I can't bond with any capes!
  4. The gloves are super soft and lovely. Want a matching grey snood also but they were sold out and are not online to order. I love grey
  5. nice coat and gloves sjmidd - I love grey as well, so easy to dress up or down.
  6. Ratters, what a fabulous collection. I am also green right now, lol. Plus I know that you must look bloody amazing in them as you are always so perfectly turned out! The new one is a gorgeous addition, congratulations! Xx
  7. Sj, hope you sort out your cape refund easily, the new coat is ace though and also love the gloves. Military is a constant trend so you will get tonnes of wear from that beauty xx
  8. OMG, fabulous things girls.
    Love your new bag Hew - stunning!
    The scarfs are pretty nice too!
  9. Oh, and the gloves are so chic!
  10. Hew, what a stunning bag. A beautiful shade and it looks perfect for autumn and winter colours. I prefer this to the mulberry oxblood shade! Congrats and I hope that you feel a million dollars with it on xx
  11. got myself one of the new pink chanel nail varnishes today "rose insolent", a perfect pick-me-up on a cold day.

    Can anyone recommend a good eye cream? Just finished my Lancome one, and am looking for something else - does someone have an eye cream that actually works?
  12. Hew, just saw your bag- what a fab colour! lovely bag.
  13. oh Anna, can you take a piccie when you paint your nails please :smile:

    I can tell you one to not go for lol. The new YSL eye awakener roll on. What an absolutely load of crap! I purchased the touche eclat and this for 48 pounds, and its like the emporors new clothes lol - nothing comes out, the rollerball feels cold which gives the impression that its working, but nothing comes out at all no matter how many times I press the pen lid thing.
    Tried to contact YSL customer services - thats impossible too :biggrin:
  14. Sorry to hear about the faulty cape, sj, but that "replacement" jacket is fabulous!

    And I know what you mean about too much outerwear; I got my second winter jacket earlier this week. I'm set for at LEAST two years now. Well, maybe.. :graucho:
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