Show us your NON Mulberry purchases!

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  2. Chloe take it back to any YSL counter & they will replace it for you. Sounds like it's not been filled properly.

    Anna don't bother with the chanel one, as it does bugger all. Why don't you go get some samples & try them out?

    editing to add, that new chanel is lovely, I'm going to get it tomorrow. I've run out of riveairia (sp?? LOL), that was my favourite.

  3. Ratrat: I love all your scarfs!! I wish for one for christmas!

    Anna: I like dermalogica age Smart multivitamin power firm eye cream (nights) and dermalogica total eye care spf 15 (day).
    Also MD Formulations Moisture Defense Antioxidant Eye Creme is a favourite of mine.
  4. IWANB - just tried the jumper on, loving it! It is a little short on me, I am quite tall (for a girl, according to my OH) so maybe it's just me. I'm thinking that jumper, leggings and new boots tomorrow.

  5. wulie, "rose insolent" is perfect for autumn, at least I feel riviera is a bit to bright/sharp for my pale autumn skin

  6. kvamkvam will check them out, thanks - but if I remember rightly you are super-young and prob don't even need an eye cream yet. I on the other hand am in need of serious help ;)
  7. The age smart one from dermalogica really fills in the small wrinkles, perfect for under concealer. My 60 year old mother use it!
    But I would recommend trying one from a skinexpert instead of Highend/"parfymeri" brands like dior, ysl, chanel etc. Tried alot of expensive crap from there.
  8. Those are just amazing ratrat. Just fabulous :yahoo:
  9. That's lovely sjmidd. I tried on their red military one but it didn't work on me. I looked like a Chelsea Pensioner. Military is much classier in the darks and neutrals. Love the hood too!
  10. Another little reveal for me tonight.

    I bought a pair of Tory Burch "Sophie" wedges in black. Had these for a while but they were pinching my toes and was hemming and hawing about returning them. Finally found a place that did suede shoe stretching and picked them up today! They are PERFECT. :yahoo:

    Also? Taking pictures of shoes while they're on your feet is really difficult. Sorry for my atrocious wallpaper!
    sophiebox.jpg sophiewedgeshoe.jpg shoeson.jpg
  11. [​IMG]

    I got this from Hobbs today and am wearing tomorrow with black trousers, red patent KGs and of course Black Lily!
  12. Gorgeous Corries - modelling pics?

    Lovely Ditzy :smile:
  13. Thats gonna be a great outfit Corries xx :smile:
  14. It is perfect for the weather this time of year too. Bet you will look great, in your combo Xx
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