Show us your NON Mulberry purchases!

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  1. Wow Hew that is absolutely amazing, I love it. Can you post some modelng pics?
  2. I will, but not today - I'm wearing a delightful hoody and slipper combo (yes at work, but the place is empty :biggrin:) that wouldn't look right with it :smile:
  3. Great buy Hew! I have a funny feeling that's the exact same bag which caught my eye a week or two ago - I was very tempted! Glad it's gone to a good home :tup:
  4. Wow hew, what a way to kick off the new thread :biggrin: it's amazing and the colour is what the alexa should have been made in :P
  5. Lovely bag Hew, congratulations!! This thread is making me jealous :graucho:
  6. Gorgeous colour Hew
  7. Fabulous Hew
  8. Hew that's very very beautiful colour, only achievable with seriously good quality leather. Congrats!!
  9. :biggrin:

    Spray Bleu (it's more brown irl, pics shows very purple on my PC!)

    And Nu Nu family (NB. the grey one is good old Anthracite, not the current Gris Marine!)
  10. OMG Rats :drool:

    Ooooooh now I am soooooo v jealous, in the best possible way heeheee, oh we need to see a modelling pic, you have a seriously beautiful collection of leo's you lucky lucky girl.

    WOWSER :love:
  11. Oh ratrat that is one amazing collection! And like cb I am:greengrin: in the best possible way ;), but if I remember correctly cb already has at least one scarf so I am even more green with envy:biggrin:... Ah well, one day...
  12. Gorgeous collection RR

    My chloebabe cape arrived today...but it's faulty! Very annoyed. The 'leather' seam down the front is missing stitches and looks bad. I'm returning to store tomorrow. Want them to refund me postage as well as it was faulty.

    Not going to get another one. I liked it on but just bought this coat on way home from work. That's two coats in two weeks. Enough outerwear for now!
  13. Ah rats they are fabulous me want me want.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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