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  1. Thanks
  2. 587D83A1-CA99-46FB-917C-6283F5A96F76.jpeg A little bling on a dull winter’s day. Thank you for letting me share.
  3. I took a photshot of my little RG collection :heart:
    Signature is my IG account :smile:
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  4. :love::love::love:
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  5. brightens up any day!!
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  6. Pretty pretty RG collection
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  7. IMG_1515886865.114911.jpg

    Going for the funky punk look
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  9. RG and diamond CDC, now driving off to Ban Island
  10. That is amazing !!!
    I am looking for this particular design but still couldn’t locate a store that have them...
    Where did you get it and how much is it ???
  11. I got in Canada, it was $1700 Cad. I am trying to locate the receipt for the product code. I will post it later on.
  12. Beautiful necklace!
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  14. Hot chocolate and H thank you for let me share 20180116_113321.jpg

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  15. PLEASE.... does anyone have this ring and a pic on the finger??? I'm in love but need to see it modeled....
    Chaine d'Ancre Passerelle ring, small model
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