1. Wow I’m speechless
  2. IMG_1514084733.439948.jpg

    Got my mom more Christmas present
    The rose gold punk ring with diamonds. Love how simple the design is.
  3. what a lovely gift for your mom! she is sure to love it :heart:
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  4. Chain d’Ancre Punk MM bracelet in rose gold
  5. Thank you, I hope she will.
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  6. I have just discovered that Hermes has made some really cool pieces and there are likely a lot more. Most of the pictures in the reference thread are gone, where can I learn about these creations? It seems like many may be vintage designs?

    Sellers don't seem to know the names of the line or year of manufacture - I would assume the serial numbers have meaning much like blind stamps do. An example would be the Deax Anneaux rings, so far I have come across an amethyst with flecked finish rose gold and smokey quartz with diamonds, both look amazing! So does the diamond osmose ring, it looks like there is a matching pendant too. I may never get any of these pieces but they are fascinating.
  7. This is beautiful! Can I ask what the price is?
  8. It was £5400 in 2017, not sure what price it is now
  9. Beautiful ring! Congrats! Do you mind sharing the price of this ring? Thanks.
  10. Thank you. It was $1700 CAD.
  11. Thank you! :smile:
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  12. My ring
  13. IMG_1515383349.360579.jpg here’s my Chaine d'Ancre Punk bracelet, medium in rose gold. Thanks for letting me share!
  14. Hi,
    Do you mind to share the product code of this ring? Thanks
  15. I will dig through my receipt. Let me check it out.