1. I wasn't sure I loved the Punk collection since I have a healthy respect for the Westwood/McLaren fashion legacy, but I really like the new pieces! I need single earrings most though :smile:
  2. Hi wen of course I see that now, how silly of me.
    Thank you for the clarification.
    I do like the look of this one very much.
    It would match the long necklace very well.
    You can count on H to think of lovely things to tempt us.
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  4. I was just discussing with my friend who has the osmose ring that these new pieces seemed so reasonable! (We're all mad here!!!)
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  5. Not sure if this is the right thread to post, but does anyone know if the half paved diamond Kelly bracelets can be special ordered in size smaller than SH?
  6. Yes, they can be ordered in XS.
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  7. How much smaller is it compared to XH? And is there any additional charge? Many thanks.
  8. when I inquired, I was told it's not possible, but they are coming out with smaller sizes.
  9. May I kindly ask how much you purchased it in fsh ? Thinking to buy one in sept :sad: thank you in advance!
  10. I think it was 10,900 euros when I was at FSH recently.
  11. Yes, it's 10,900.
  12. When did you enquire about this? Smaller than SH?
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  13. I inquired in February at FSH. The bracelets are all too big for me, except for the smallest size in the Galop, which fits better. I asked the SA if the bracelets can be special ordered in a smaller size, and was told no, but they are starting to make bracelets in smaller sizes.