Show us your COACH secondhand BARGAINS!!

  1. these are great buys and I love the little hamptons! Congrats on your Lilly, that is a fabulous bag at a fabulous price!
  2. Thanks :smile: The seller shipped FAST!! I might even get her by tomorrow. I'll post photos if she's here= and if she's not a huge mess
  3. I'd given up on ever finding a decent Lily that was under $250!! This one was $202 shipped (and 2 day Fedex at that!!) She's in decent condition. Some slight signs of use inside, but I can wash the lining as needed- and she needs some airing out (a liitle teensy bit musty) and also a little re-shaping since she was crammed into a Fedex envelope :nogood: ...... But I'm excited !!!
    By jessi319 at 2012-06-22
    By jessi319 at 2012-06-22
    By jessi319 at 2012-06-22​
  4. Wow! She looks like she is in great shape! Congratulations!
  5. OMG! What a deal. I love the Lilly. That is the bag that got me interested in Coach. I thought they were a bit boring (for me) prior to that.
  6. Thanks :smile: She's a great bag to haul my netbook and stuff to work. I am used to a much larger- heavy tote and/or backpack so I think I can handle her weight. I bet i can cheat and stick one of my crossbody straps on if absolutely needed
  7. This thread drives me crazy, but I love it!! You "finders" are amazing.
  8. Jessi319:

    I also love your new Lily, always thought this is a beautiful bag. How heavy is it? I'm a fan of the older "Carly" which is a heavier bag.... Anyway, congratulations on your score! :smile:
  9. Jade Hailey twins! I actually scored one at an outlet for just a little more than that. I figure it must have been a return because it was there quite awhile after they were out
  10. You must have been there at just the right time! That never happens to me! I love this purse!
  11. Congratulations! I'm excited for you-she looks very nice!
  12. OK, so I've been busy and haven't had a chance to post this one. It was a total impulse buy-I had it in my watch list because it caught my eye when I was looking at something else but I had decided not to buy it because I was interested in a couple other bags. I just happened to log into eBay a few minutes before it closed and itwas at $28. I thought I'd be willing to go a buck over that and bid, not really planning on winning. So here is my looks like practically new GREEN Anderson bag:



    I gave her a quick dunk because the seller shipped her flat in an envelope, but she was pretty much spotless when I received her. This bag is bigger than I expected, I expected it to be more like a basic bag size wise but it's quite a bit bigger.

    And here's what makes it a real bargain: I had been looking at bidding on a "Pine" Kristin that ended the same day I received this I decided since this was so nice I really didn't need the Kristin, so it saved me possibly spending even more money on another bag.

    Or, you know, that's what I would tell my husband if he asked, which he won't.
  13. Really nice. I love this color. I have it in a pocket purse. I got it new without tags for $44, so I didn't do as good as you. I don't use it much because I want it to stay looking new.
  14. So pretty!! can never have too many green bags!! very nice deal!