Show us your COACH secondhand BARGAINS!!

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  1. I love to share the thrill of a bargain found!!! Does your local thrift shop know you on sight? Are you out garage sale-ing any chance you get? Or spending too many hours hoping for an ebay steal? This thread is your chance to show off your deals fresh off your adrenaline rush!! I'll start with a few finds from yesterday. (I have way too many deals from the past I could post also but I'm gonna start it off simple and let everyone join in.)

    NYC era Sling Bag $5.40 (rare and nearly mint!!)
    By jessi319 at 2012-04-20​

    A Swinger bag $12.00
    By jessi319 at 2012-04-20​

    A Legacy Flap $7.90
    By jessi319 at 2012-04-20​

    All are going to need some cleaning and conditioning, but it's fun to just post these deals while they're fresh!!
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  2. I wish the thrift stores around me had anything even half this good! Coach is out of the question......they don't even carry leather bags. I probably would find it difficult to ever buy new if I had these choices. Congrats on all!
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    That 1st one, the Swinger Flap is to die for!! Soooo jealous! You are lucky to have such a great thrift store nearby! Oh and that second one looks exactly like my first Coach ever! If you tell me there's red nail polish spilled inside I'll faint!
  4., it's pretty clean inside! ... it seems like a nice lightweight bag but with a decent amount of room inside.
  5. Oh I loved that bag! It was deceptively large inside, but didn't look too big. I used it until it was completely out of shape which is why I think I got rid of it or gave it away or something. If only I'd known about rehabing!

    That's definitely one of my "bags that got away!" I got it my junior or senior year in high school as a Christmas gift, so that was about 21 or 22 years ago!
    That's also a style that I don't see very often anymore. I saw one on etsy that was off white or very light tan, but decided to let someone else enjoy it.
    That's a great find!
  6. there's a RED one on ebay if you're interested. (it looks like the same bag to me anyway) that caught my eye when I was trying to figure out my bag's name. I'm not gonna go for it personally since I have enough projects right now.
  7. Awesome finds and a great idea for a thread! Unfortunately, the thrift stores near me don't have anything like that! I usually get my deals on eBay or Etsy. Can't wait to see everyones finds!
  8. Wow! amazing finds! There is nothing even close to that in the thrift shops around me. guess I'll just have to live vicariously through those lucky girls on here who score!
  9. Ebay Deals count too!!! If it's second-hand/new to you and you are proud of the deal you got...let us know!!! I love those kind of reveals!! The reason I started this thread is because I usually only buy second hand stuff, and I feel like I really wanna do a "reveal" but most of the Coach buyers on here have already "been there, done that!" so my bags are YESTERDAYS NEWS lol.
  10. Okay then I will show my best deal so far ( I know you've seen it already Jessi:smile:),
    Got this vintage NYC lovely Slim Satchel (the large version) in a gorgeous Burnt Orange color for about $19 shipped on eBay.

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  11. Yes that was a very great deal! Since not everybody is a follower of the "rehab" thread, I hope others get to enjoy it too!
  12. I know you guys are holding out on me!
    By jessi319 at 2012-04-21
    Here's a .50 Coach Wallet!! Don't know her name yet.
  13. Wow! I would never shop retail or Ebay again! Can't believe people are throwing these beauties out
  14. Such a great colour. Awesome