Show off your Citta Rosa!

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  1. I love this print and would love to see your CR's collection. Since I don't own any yet, I want to have a good idea of the print placement on each style so I can decide what to get (from where, that's the million dollar question) but anyhow... I know I wanted a Zucca, my buddy is hanging onto hers like it's her TWIN!

    Please share! Thanks!
  2. here's my buon viaggio that my aunts bought for my xmas gift =)

    my gift was originally a inferno gioco, but it didn't have my print placement and i saw the perfect citta rosa buon viaggio so i couldn't pass that up! i love the girls!

    i have a citta rosa zucca too which i'll post pix later
  3. You officially took my breath away with the PERFECT print placement on the BV! BREATHTAKINGLY beautiful ..
  4. thank you! i saw a girl with a bag similiar to mine a long while back and i KNEW that was the exact bag that i needed to get!
  5. Absolutely no girls except for the bottom. Btw, this was my FIRST TOKI, so I didn't even know the bags were all different so I didn't really pick what I had on my bag. Doesn't matter, I wouldn't change anything about it :tup:

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  6. Georgeous Citta Rosa bags girls !
  7. tokicollect6.jpg

  8. Lovely bag all! Yum Yum!

    Thanks for the eBay link GoldenAnkh! Too bag none of those are in the style I wanted, except maybe the Scuolo, but in c21, it's only $106. :smile:
  9. Cute citta rosas!:biggrin:
  10. No problem! I thought people would be interested, and I hope they are all real!
  11. Love your bella Jessaka. I am so kicking myself for not bidding on a citta rosa bella awhile back. Now all there seem to be are corrieres. :yucky: It is becoming a hard print to come by.
  12. I have a citta rosa scuola and canguro. I love Citta Rosa since it's pink and has airplanes. I'll try to post pictures when I get home tonight.
  13. Thank you :biggrin: I'm sure there are a few citta rosa bellas still out there..just gotta be patient now I guess hmm? IDK, I still haven't bought any bags from evilbay...I'm too scared so would rather pay HI retail or get stuff from a store lol.