Show me the turquoise! :)

  1. I do both sammy and I had an extender made so when I wear it doubled up it does not sit too high up on my neck.
  2. Awe.. Soo jealous! Very pretty :smile:

  3. Sammy, those are beauties! Congrats. :smile: The ring with a buckle and stones design is totally interesting, very unusual. I agree with you about the matrix (the host rock coloration mixed in with the turq), it really adds a lot to the beauty.

    About color changing over time, it definitely happens a lot with turquoise. It depends on a number of factors, including the quality and the interaction with human skin oils. The hardest turquoise, or gem grade, doesn't tend to turn color over time, but much does. Blue stone turns green, but I don't think green turns blue.
  4. Thanks jellyv! I love the belt buckle look! I have a bracelet, but not turquoise! Cute! :smile:
  5. I've had mine for 16+ years and haven't seen any change
  6. It depends on what the "turquoise" is made out of, how it's has been treated, and how much it is exposed to chemicals and oils.

    Turquoise is very easy to fake - two types of fakes are very hard to distinguish without damaging the stone. there is a new resin that acts just like turquoise, but burns when you set it on fire. In addition, white stones like howlite can be dyed to the turquoise color. On howlite, always look around edges to make sure the color is even

    In the realm of "mostly real" is reconstituted stones (turquoise powder mixed with a resin) and color-corrected stones (with a coating over it which does wear off in time)

    Like Jelly said, turquoise will absorb oils, and gradually yellow over time. It is really only a problem with beads - most cabs are backed with silver, so they never touch human skin. You just need to put hairspray and/or perfume on before you put on your jewelry.
    Most beads I come across are actually fake turquoise. Especially the round beads. (I actively hunted for a strand of round turquoise beads for almost two years) When I did come across the real stones, they were often dipped in a protective coating
  7. :smooch:
  8. Thank you guys for sharing! Would love to see some more jewelry, if anyone wants to share :smile:
  9. I have a few pieces, will upload pics when I get a chance to take proper pics :smile:
  10. Okay sounds good! Cant wait! :smile:
  11. Kabana turquoise bracelet (2004) and Kabana eye pendant turquoise, mother of pearl and enamel (2012)
    image-3633354472.jpg image-1171127138.jpg
  12. Thanks everyone for your insights with color change. Does anyone know if Van turquoise will also change color? On their website it says it is naturally stabilized, but not really sure what that means.
  13. I meant "Van Cleef turquoise" in my post above.
  14. Beautiful!!!:smile:
  15. Not sure if they are real turquoise or just plastic beads in turquoise shade.