Show me the turquoise! :)

  1. I thought we could have a thread that is all about turquoise! Turquoise is my favorite color and would like to see what jewelry you guys have! :smile:

    Thanks guys! :smile:
  2. Hi, I collect high-quality turquoise Indian jewelry, mostly vintage/antique, some newer. I see you're from the right part of that world.;)

    Just a couple of pieces for now. One is a ca. 1945 Navajo cluster bracelet, and the other is a vintage Navajo squash necklace in the Zuni style.
    ZUNI squash.jpg Bracelet1.jpg
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  3. Love them! Where do you get your collection! I'm always looking for new turquoise pieces :smile:
  4. I buy from private dealers and some excellent websites, and at antiques shows, and scrounge around at flea markets. But I've spent many years developing the knowledge to know good from bad, imported fakes from the real.

    I don't buy 99.99% of what's out there. If you just like the color, you can be a lot less picky.:smile:
  5. yes very true, i buy a lot of my jewelry from this one website online. I've been pleased with them so far :smile: ill post a pic of what i bought the other day in a little bit :smile:
  6. I only have turquoise earrings. Would love a necklace...................
    turquoise earrings.JPG
  7. I have a VCA turquoise necklace and ring.
  8. T&Co. Teardrop studs:

  9. gorgeous!!!
  10. trying to upload not sure how
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    Another one, i hope:p oops one piece is twisted backwards, shpuld be a piece of turquoise, too. This one is greenish in color
  12. Another one.. It is a much darker blue than appears in the photo
  13. sorry it's blurry it does have 'some' turquoise in it
  14. Sorry it's not a very good picture... But the bracelet and earrings are Persian turquoise, then my squash blossom. All the pieces were my grandmother's.

  15. A couple of bracelets