Should I Trust Sellers from Japan?

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    Hi again..I managed to locate the Hermes fake bag..the item no 9 which is an orange birkin. Was deleted and couldnt click to see the bigger picture . You are right, maybe somebody had reported it! Anyhow as mentioned , in Japan' it's guilty till proven innocent, so buy at our own risk:biggrin::biggrin: prove it first!:biggrin:
  2. thank you Moderator, at least you are also aware and hope all TPFers here be more careful, it is illegal to sell fakes in many mnay countries but can you take that for granted that no fakes would be sold in those countries, I think my points has been sent across.
  3. Yep, pretty sure he is Australian. And he charges TEN DOLLARS for his authentications!! Clearly, he's a smart business man, though. All he needs to do is scare enough people into thinking they've bought a super fake, and that he is the only one who can identify one (for $10).
  4. Totally agree with you there :smile: it happens everywhere and at anytime. I had lived and travelled in many places, and sadly had seen it all.
  5. I wonder whether there is a way to stop him from scaming anymore victims ?
  6. I am trying out the website shopping mall Japan. They do translation in English.
    Will update after I manage to buy an item..
  7. As others have mentioned, I've had only good experiences with Japanese sellers. Because brand goods have a significant mark-up in Japan though, often it doesn't really save you much money (if at all) to buy from Japan.
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  9. I've bought some lovely things from sellers in Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea. No problems at all. Sellers in China I avoid though. Too many of them sell fakes.
  10. I was able to get the deputy service I use to ask the seller on Rakuten who doesnt ship internationally for additional pictures and it has been authenicated by Addy. The only reason I have to resolve to Rakuten because its a LE and discontinued and super hard to find and even with the deputy service fees, its a lot cheaper compared to buying from eBay sellers who marked up the price like 3x

    Ive been to Japan, as many have said, many ladies love their brand names there and it's super popular - I think one of the biggest LV store is in Ginza, Tokyo. So far, all the bags I've seen on eBay from Japanese sellers are all authentic - and there are tons of secondhand consignment stores there too

    And yes, every country has fakes and no matter no strict it is there will be those people who get away with I think it is a risk for me to pay so much for my bag even if it has been authenticated already, cause you never know right? but i just put my trust in Japanese sellers - do your research - see if they have physical store in Japan, read their feedback and look at their selection, and get additonal pictures to get it authenticated
  11. Please authenicate this handbag. Thanksl.
    Name:Authentic LOUIS VUITTON Classic Monogram Popular Hand Bag Speedy30
    Item Number: 221048346263
    Seller: authentic-brandshop-tokyos

    Thanks again.
  12. Your in the wrong spot use the authenticate this lv thread
  13. I bought a LV item from Japan and was completely happy with my purchase. The item was as described, authentic and well packed and shipped. It may not save any money if you are in the US, but here in Aus even the Japanese 2nd hand market is much better than our own. I don't think you are any more or less likely to be ripped off by someone in Japan than anywhere else. The same rules of caution apply. The Japanese 2nd hand market tends to have much older items in it though, or maybe it was just what I was searching for..? The other thing to watch out for is cigarette odours as a large proportion of the population are smokers.
  14. I purchased four items from Japan (all LV) and i am absolutely happy. All items were verified here and confirmed authentic.. Would buy more if had more money!!!! Lol
  15. I were not buy from Japan seller, most of them import fake but top quality copy from China. and Japan lots scammer, I sold two bag $900 to Japanese ship to Japan but got scam, lost $900. I deal with some supplier who try to sell their good copy, they convince me that told me japanese customer bought a lot from them every year, not just one supplier told me they supply item to japanese buyers. well good luck