Should I Trust Sellers from Japan?

  1. I've purchased numerous times from Japan-based sellers selling on eBay and other venues; I have ALWAYS been happy with the purchase. Their prices are fair, the customer service excellent, fast shipping, no customs fees, and 100% authentic products. As for counterfeit for sale in Japan, it's illegal there and they take that very seriously. Furthermore, from what I've observed and know of the lux market in Japan, there is not much of a market for counterfeit goods.
  2. as long as you're using paypal, there shouldnt be a problem at all. I think you're protected with a money back guarantee from eBay.

    I met a scammer from eBay last year. To make the long story short, I paid around $3000 for iphones and never heard from the seller again. I opened a case, ebay gave me a 100% refund after 14 days since we hadn't heard from the seller at all.
  3. Are you by any chance referring to videos on YouTube by some guy, Archie something? If so, he is almost always wrong in his videos, and can be proven wrong by the authenticators here on TPF. I saw one of his "superfakes of japan" videos, and his "conclusive analysis" is terrible!

    From my observation, I've seen more authentic items on ebay from Japan than from any other country
  4. We've addressed this Archie guy in the LV forum before, it's somewhere.

    And he charges $10 to give an inconclusive authentication. It's only a shame that people fall for it.
  5. Well I don't know much about laws or regulations in Japan, but from my experience, all the designer bags I've seen are either real, or imitations (as in almost the same style but they don't pretend it's a real [insert designer name here]).

    I've never really seen a fake even on Rakuten (the local Amazon/eBay), mostly imitations by other brands. They don't even say it's "in the style of [insert designer name here]"... at least not the ones I was looking at anyway :smile:

    What I know though is that service here is usually great and people do like to have quality goods :smile:
  6. It really is a shame. He made a video on youtube in which he sullied the name of one particular seller. The whole video was about how this Japanese seller is selling superfakes and blah blah. People commented saying they'd block her. I've dealt with this seller and know her to only sell authentic, but unfortunately, people watch his videos and believe what he says. SMH
  7. you remember the name of the video as I would like to have a look so I can avoid him in the future...that's horrible to hear.
  8. Wow, that is pretty disgusting.

    Sadly counterfeit handbags are distributed all over the world. So sellers shouldn't be judged by countries they live.
    I had great transaction with sellers in Japan and China(HK). On this forum, I don't remember anyone claimed receiving counterfeits from Japan or HK.
  9. That such a video exists is offensive.

    What people should know about Japan too, is that the legal system here is similar to some European countries where the onus of proof is on the person charged. So guilty until proven innocent, rather than innocent until proven guilty. While this seems strange to some, when you add this to the fact that the police response time here is about 2 and a half minutes... it adds up to an excellent deterrent to crime. I am not commenting on the relative merits of legal systems, but the police here are thorough!

    No one here wants to buy or sell dodgy bags. That would be tantamount to saying to someone "Hey, you look like you might like to engage in criminal behavior - want to buy a knock off?"

    I DON'T think so. (plus word gets around and one's grandparents/parents/uncles/aunties/cousins etc would never live it down for generations...)

    (BTW I am not Japanese but have been here for several years).
  10. I just found it on youtube! I'm hesitant to post it on the forum since I know how often people search for things on Google and end on TPF. I I don't want someone to find a link to his video, but I will PM it to you!
  11. It really is, but what really takes the cake from what I remember is that he's absolutely clueless about what he's talking about.

    I've dug out the thread: Louis Vuitton on eBay (USE MORE CAUTION) was the original, and it popped up again: Anyone else worried about buying preowned from Japan?

    The video was embedded in the second link, but don't give him any views, or if you do, give him a thumbs down.
  12. LOL I actually remember viewing several of his videos and commenting on each one, making sure others knew he was wrong! I got a few replies to my youtube comments, but then my comments mysteriously disappeared!
  13. ^ :lol: Might be true!

    It's scary how easy it is to trash on people like that (just posting a video saying lame things? what the?)

    I've been living in Japan for a while now and I feel bad for Japanese sellers.
  14. Thank you for the link. I have just finished watching it...he sounded Australian ? and not professional at all.... I cannot believe he does authentication ?, very fishy indeed.
  15. Hi Shinymagpie! That's what i thought, but how do explain the link I found? Except for the name, the whole bag was and still listed under Hermes?