Should I Trust Sellers from Japan?

  1. As mentioned by others Japan is a good place to source recycled bags. There are lots of PF members who have bought authentic bags from Japan. I've lived in Japan for several years. I find that authenticity and customer service is regarded extremely seriously. Anyone walking around cities in Japan will be amazed at the stunning bags that pass them by. Get your item authenticated before bidding, as you would for any seller.
  2. I bought a lambskin quited Chanel backpack from a seller in japan on eBay and it was gorgeous.. authentic but the smell was old and musty. Still trying to figure out how to clean it! But the seller provided tons of pics and shipped ASAP- great communication too!
  3. I've bought two bags from different japanese sellers, and both have been very friendly, helpful and provided lots of pictures. Both of the bags are authentic and both looks better in real-life than they did in the pictures :smile:
  4. Thank you everyone so much for your help. And no, I did not mean to offend anyone by asking if sellers from Japan are trustworthy. I will be sure to authenticate my finds. :yes:
  5. i have dealt with at least 4 *bay sellers located in Japan and had no problems whatsoever. (one of them was a Chanel bag too.)

    good luck, queen_riddle!
  6. Scammers come in all shapes and sizes. I've bought some gorgeous stuff from Japan, and it was all authentic. Just be sure to do your research before you buy, good luck.
  7. How does paying for U.S. customs and taxes work? Anyone that has bought from overseas, please feel free to chime in.
  8. I was never charged anything additional.
  9. i have never been charged anything.
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    I don't understand why 'Asian' countries are associated with fake products. If you'd ever been to Japan, you'll see that everyone carries authentic goods. Japan has strict legislation regarding the sale and purchase of counterfeit goods, and it is thoroughly enforced. In fact, there are way more fakes in the US (per capita) than in Japan.

    And by the way, China does not have any larger market for fakes than any other country. I mean, China and Japan are the world's top consumers of luxury products. Put two and two together.

    And also, I authenticate on the LV forum, and can without a doubt, tell you that most LV products coming from Japan that we end up authenticating are genuine. Whereas about a quarter of those coming from the US, Australia etc. are fake.

    Also, please be careful with your wording when posting. Many of us tPFers are Asian, and some of us take serious offence to such ignorant generalisations. I know I did.
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  12. Great points!!!
  13. Once again, I apologize and did not mean to generalize about Asians or asian countries. If you were offended I am sorry. I have never dealt with buying from other countries and was simply asking a question to whether or not a certain goods from certain countries are reputable. Thank you for providing me with information on the subject. :whiteflag: