Should I Trust Sellers from Japan?

  1. oh well, they told me donot import cheap fake, they only import 1:1 same quality copy and they also very picky for item quality. request tag dust bag, so they can let their buyer believe it is " authentic"
  2. As someone who lives in Japan, I find these posts offensive.
  3. a little post script about trust and Japan.

    Today, my daughter, left her mobile phone in a park, with her sports towel.

    Several hours later, at night, she realized it was missing. She and my husband went back to the park a short time ago and found it. It was exactly where she left it, except that someone had neatly wrapped it in the towel to protect it.

    Boy! I can hear some people thinking - that was lucky!

    Actually, this is a pretty common scenario here in Japan. Would this happen where you live?
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  4. Hi, I would disagree with you. Usually its the Chinese or Koreans who has these super fakes. I am not from Japan but I am always impressed with their standard and quality. It would not be fair to them for you to say this as I do know of many Jap eBay sellers who are honest. But of course, before we buy any bags from anywhere, we MUST always auth it before buying.
  5. Sorry, this question might be off the subject. If I buy an item from a Japanese seller, does anybody know how much the custom charged for tax . Does the item goes thru custom if it send by air. Thanks
  6. All items have to go through customs if coming from a different country. As for custom charges I have never had to pay any. From the research I have done on tpf there are very few ppl who have, however it also depends on the amount and if customs wants to charge you or not. It really is luck of the draw regardless of what your item is worth.

    Oh and I live in the US, not sure if that is where you are from. Different countries will have different custom practices.