Should I Trust Sellers from Japan?

  1. Hi all, I'm new to posting and I was wondering what your opinion is on sellers from overseas, specifically Japan. I know enough not to buy from sellers in China, but what about Japan? I have come across several positively rated eBay sellers that ship from Japan and their merchandise seems authentic, but I still wonder if they are selling fakes. What do you think? I have included some links to the sellers. :shrugs:

    Oh and btw, I am still new to authenticating bags so if these are blatantly fake, I apologize in advance...:sweatdrop:
  2. I dont see why not. There are bad apples from any country you buy from, not just Japan, you need to authenticate whatever you purchase, before hand, and check out the seller's reputation. But I dont see the need to write off an entire country
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    There are dishonest people in all countries. I know from reading the eBay sub-forum here that a person can be scammed in their own backyard just as easily as from abroad.

    The best thing to do is to research your sale before taking the plunge. Ask the seller for addition pictures, check their ID on, post the auction in the authenticate area of the appropriate designer and follow the rules of paypal and eBay to protect yourself (no off-ebay transactions etc.) If in doubt - ask. The ladies here are very smart and savvy when it comes to buying online.
  4. Yes. Probably more than any other country IME.

    Don't forget to authenticate as usual and remember you may have to pay customs duty when the item arrives in your country.
  5. The only issue is super fakes from Japan. I saw a video about it. But have them looked at in the thread of whatever brand you want, you should be fine.
  6. I once bought from a seller in Japan and the person was very nice and sent on time, etc., so a good transaction. The only issue I had is that my bag smelled of mold/mildew, but I ended up being able to get rid of the smell. The seller was willing to take it back if it did not go away. I think that is the most important thing to keep in mind when buying from Japan- make sure items do not smell of mold or mildew, as it is an island, and there is much more humidity that if you don't live on an island and may not think to ask the seller about it.
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  7. Sure, why not? It's Chinese sellers that are often scammers. Most fake goods come from there. I wouldn't ever buy a bag from a Chinese seller but Japanese sellers are generally fine. They have Coach stores there and a magazine that gives its readers free Coach goodies like scarves and hair scrunchies. Like someone else said, there are dishonest sellers in every country, but as long as you read the listings and feedback left and received carefully you should be able to spot them.
  8. I have had several very good transactions with Japanese sellers of authentic Hermes items. As others have noted, check out your seller in advance (regardless of the country they live in) and be sure you are able to authenticate the merchandise either yourself or through the resources available here. There are good and bad sellers in any country.
  9. I have several LV purchased from Japanese sellers and I couldn't be happier. Most of them include TONS of pictures thus making your due diligence easier.
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  10. While China has a very bad reputation for being the land of counterfeits, there has never really been a large volume of documented issues regarding fakes coming out of Japan. There are numerous reputable Japanese-based sellers who offer nothing but authentic goods, and I honestly think it's a tad unfair to paint all of Asia with one brush.
  11. There are some posts at the Ebay board I believe about the Japanese market for used luxury goods in general. You might go there and do a search. What I remember was that there are some great deals to be had, lots of Japanese women are single and working with high end tastes, and get rid of something as soon as the season's over or it has any kind of blemish. Check it out..
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  12. As long as the item is authenticated and they seem problem free then go for it!!
  13. I travel to Japan all the time and the third seller Daikokuya is a very famous and established second-hand luxury goods store located all over the country. Another one is called Brandoff, but I don't see their listings on ebay. Maybe Brandoff doesn't have any staff who is fluent in English. Anyway, for these famous stores in Japan, authenticity is taking very seriously as it is directly impacting their brand name and clients' loyalty level. In fact, every single item is expected carefully by their experienced white-gloved brand masters. So I would not even question about daikokuya's authenticity. The first two I don't really know but I do know most Japanese people are very polite and honest. Hope this helps.
  14. I have gotten some amazing bargains on authentic goods from japanese resellers. Please just have your items authenticated and keep with larger reputable sellers and I am sure you will be fine. ******************, bid after!! :tup:
  15. Ginza japan lists a lot of authentic Dior bags and the members who decided to buy from them were happy with the transaction. :smile: