Should I go to Japan?

  1. Hello everyone. I was looking through this reseller store posted by tokyogirl,

    and, she had all different kind of birkins that I can only wait and wait if I order through Hermes. It's so tempting to look at all the different colors and really pushing me into buying all them. This is even better than the resellers stores in Hong Kong. Some of you may not agree or kill me to buy birkins & kellys from resellers stores but...looking at all the different colors, leathers & hard-to-get ones, WHO WILL RESIST ON NOT BUYING THEM? :sad:

    To all the japanese members here, are you tempted to buy one from the resellers stores? With the avalability of the wide-ranged birkins & kellys, shouldn't there will be a lot of birkin-spotting in Japan? :sad:

    Advise me.


    [p.s. With so many different colors & leathers, can diamond birkins be easily found in Japan? BTW, I've ordered a braise croc birkin JPG and black croc diamond birkin 28. :yahoo:]
    20060318202315.jpg 20060320150639.jpg 20060319134604.jpg 20060321122742.jpg 20060329201400.jpg 20060402174027.jpg 20060403195139.jpg 20060410202504.jpg 20060414132502.jpg 20060420204122.jpg
  2. Drool. :nuts:
    20060421185429.jpg 20060427182437.jpg 20060429165946.jpg 20060501180851.jpg 20060504185236.jpg 20060505155822.jpg 20060506144502.jpg 20060506150032.jpg 20060507144807.jpg 20060513140326.jpg
  3. i was considering it but in the end it was not an option for me (but i do still consider luxury zurich for vintage beautys)
    wow about your orders do you put them in this july podium? :nuts:
  4. OMG...DROOL...DROOL....DROOL!!!

    How are the prices? Tell us some info.
  5. There's even vert anis croc & fuschia kelly in lizard. :girlsigh:
    20060519200912.jpg 20060519204608.jpg 20060520202612.jpg 20060521195433.jpg 20060524183404.jpg 20060524194342.jpg 20060529195928.jpg 20060610175139.jpg 20060610180724.jpg 20060624193913.jpg
  6. Sorry, I don't understand a single Japanese word. :sad:
  7. Really beautifil pics.

    I think this becomes a personal choice whether to purchase there or not.

    I wish someone could help us with Japanese here!
  8. Drool. :nuts:
    20060626181519.jpg 20060627205633.jpg 20060630203610.jpg 20060625190335.jpg 20060328191513.jpg 20060412194806.jpg 20060426185345.jpg
  9. What do you girls think of this ostrich birkin?

    I love how the twilly looks good together with the orange JPG. I'm going to do that when I get my white and braise croc JPG. :love:
    20060712201257.jpg 20060712203508.jpg 20060504150102.jpg
  10. Guys, here is the link to the store where Mika I asssume works. If you want to know the prices/description of any of the specifc ones, let me know.

    I have passed by this store before, it's actually a little store in Ginza. I had no idea that it was this famous.
  11. dior, I think you want to double click the "expensive" tab for all of the crocs!
  12. Yes. It's so fun discussing with my friend, my SA about the colors & 2 women fighting with one another for a black kelly. She told me there will be a new pink coming out. My fiance was there at that time and I was surprised he asked so many questions about Hermes. :upsidedown:
  13. In mika's blog, where she features the black and pink croc (:heart: :heart: :heart: ) she says that as soon as that bag goes on the shelf, it will be gone for sure...
  14. :crybaby: The bicolors birkins all sold out. :crybaby:
  15. tokyogirl, can you give me the phone no. of the store? Curious about asking her.