Shopping w/ my sis at BG & Woodbury *PIX*


Dec 3, 2007
When my sis heard the outlet at Woodbury have bags fron Baby Animals line, she kept screaming we have to go. I was not into Chanel when I shopped at Woodbury few times in the past, years ago. So I said why not check it out.

Sis was really disappointed... If they didn't have anything at all, maybe she would have felt better, having nothing to compare. But they had all the other bags from that line, except for the flap she wanted.:sad:

The store didn't have anything else she liked except this...

I don't think they were really bargain prices but then again, I don't remember the full retail price. My sis almost got those when we were in Paris last time and regretted not getting them. So she was happy to at least get another chance, if not at a true slashed down, heart pumping outlet price.

The only thing I really liked at Chanel outlet was this white jacket with short sleeves from 07P. It's one of my faves from "Larkie's closet." I was all yipee to see it there, as I thought about it again a day before heading out to the outlets. It was around $1000, which sounded reasonable for a Chanel jacket. But it was still a lot of money for poor me and it was also a wrong size. I'm still thinking and thinking about it though. So don't be surprised to see "Tada~ Here's my jacket from outlet" post one day.

Disappointment at Chanel was all paid back with other shops... We picked out several clothes from Neiman Marcus Last Call. Then we headed to Off 5th, where my sis picked up cheap shoes like $13 Puma and $80 Ferragamo sandals. I got two pairs of sunnies there, loving the details on their legs and prices.:yes:

^ The cashier gave me a Prada case for these. I didn't realize it until I came home. But I didn't even expect to get a case at all (some outlets are like that) so I'm happy with my sleek Prada case.

What's that hole in the middle of the logo?

Why, it's a :heart:, of course!


Dec 3, 2007
Then we hopped to Prada where they had whole lotta colorful selections my sister loves. She was actually a bit upset to see some of her bags there (which by the way, she got in Italy) but tried to make herself feel better by saying they didn't have colors she bought.:sweatdrop:

She could leave without anything though so she bought a white one, since summer's coming soon.

I really liked this green croco coin purse/card case thing at Prada... It was one of those lil thing you so not need. But the price was too steep for such tiny thing!

And I ended up finding and falling in love with another green croco at Gucci~

I was actually at Gucci because my friend (aka driver of the day) was in need of a gift for his sister in law. I was to help him choose. But when we got to the wallet display, he got no help from me because I kept :drool: at that green baby.

I think there really has to be something wrong with the price tag though... It said the original price was $3260? Is that possible? For a small bi fold wallet with a coin pocket? Ah, who cares. I only paid itsy bit more than that Prada coin purse and it's a full wallet. I think $399 is a really good price for such wallet when I know fabric ones are unbelievably expensive these days.

LT bag lady

Apr 20, 2007
You gals scored! I like the TODS outlet there, always walk out with something!


Dec 3, 2007
Then on to BG EGC...

On the very first day of the promo, I went and got a pair of Cambon flats for my sis. She suddenly wanted a pair and I knew they at least had black on black at BG. It turns out the only size left was 9 and half, which was perfect for my sis.

Then yesterday, we went together to see what we can get during the promo. We ended up buying each other one item. Lol~ First, I got her a pair of sandals. She fell in love with them at first sight but couldn't make herself to pay that much for a pair of shoes. So I stepped in and charged them on my card.

Then I was feeling like I had to get a bag, with their upto 20% EGC. Lol~ So I started to look at things like timeless clutches thinking maybe I should "invest" in one while there's the promo. Prices are always going up and everyone seem to have one.

But in the end, I came out of the store with a...

Puhahahahah! I can't believe I bought (even though sis paid) a PST!! And a white PST too!!!

I'm the kind of person who always have been saying "I hate GST, PST, and Medallion Tote." Why am I suddenly softening up for a PST? Huh? And the funniest thing is, I LOVE it.:love:


<3's chanel
Jul 20, 2006
Los Angeles
WOW... great finds at the outlet. I wish I lived remotely near woodbury. The Last time I was there was 8 years ago, and I wasn't into ANYTHING designer back then. -The only comparable outlet we have here in California near me is Cabazon, and there is NO Chanel here... wah! LOL, anyways, congrats on all the wonderful new stuff. LOVE sis' new bag too! Omg, LOVE all the Chanel loot too... aren't EGC's so sneaky? Always trying to make you buy more ;) -PST and shoes are gorgeous! Congrats on everything!


Sep 17, 2007
I somehow love your white PST too, and I thought I wasn't really a fan...

but I ADORE the ballet flats you got your sister! I want a pair too! Do they have a slight heel or are they completely flat?

Wow you guys did awesome for your day at come whenever I go, there is nothing for me to buy?! :sad:


Sep 18, 2007
OMG you totally SCORED!! Amazing! Thise are awesome earrings, lovely shoes, PST, sunglasses.. everything!!!

what a wonderful shopping pair you and your sister make


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Jul 6, 2007
What a great shopping trip with your sis. Congrats on your finds. Love the green of the wallet and the shoes are really cute. Congrats on your pst. It is so cute. Thanks for the pics.


2 many Chanel bags!!
Jun 24, 2007
Chanel Land
Not only can you remember every single item you see in a store, Nanami, you can also score great finds!!! Wow!!!:yahoo:

I really should not say this in the Chanel area but the Prada and sunnies look absolutely fab!!! :nuts: I love Woodbury too. I always manage to find some great deals there!! Maybe it's time for me to visit my sis and go to Woodbury again! :drool: