Shhhh!!!! We won't tell Mr. Vuitton about your non-Louis purchases ! ;)

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  1. Yes was a girls trip no husbands this time to tell us what we can or not buy lol
  2. Wow! What a haul of beautiful items! Congrats. Hope you brought a separate suitcase just for your treasures :loveeyes:
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  3. Lol yes I did us girls are crazy lol.❤️
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  4. I’m not doing the best job at staying on Ban :giggle::blush:

    Adding to my small Chanel collection. Got a couple of new SLGs and my first Boy bag :loveeyes:

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  5. :biggrin: What a great escape!!:tup::love:
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  6. I remember a post you had previously about chaining yourself to a coconut tree. I also need to do the same :giggle:
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  7. Welcome to my neighbouring coconut tree!:lol::drinks:
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  8. 38D394EA-7284-4147-8E06-55FB2AE1CE50.jpeg I got this one last Monday. ❤️

    Dolce & Gabbana Sicily!!
  9. OMG so adorable!!
  10. New-to-me Barenia & Toile Kelly 32.

  11. I know right!! Too hard to pass.. my very first Dolce & Gabbana purse! ❤️
  12. Been going with what inspires me these days.
    First Kelly Dog 5F0C8D88-AA4F-4FF8-8BFB-4319ABBA4693.jpeg

    First VCA earrings
  13. DE73CD34-3C85-4EB8-948C-EFC04ED1A873.jpeg Really no Vuittons lately for me.. my 2nd Prada! A Nappa Gaufre...
  14. I particularly love the leather + toile combos. I find them super chic!
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  15. Picked up this little beauty today. She still has her protective wrappers. I love small crossbody bags.
    GG Marmont matelassé mini bag

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