Shhhh!!!! We won't tell Mr. Vuitton about your non-Louis purchases ! ;)

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  1. Okay, everyone...thanks to another LV members' great is a thread so that we can all share what other kinds of bags we use besides LV.

    This way we can see that some of us do like to branch out and maybe even get ideas for something you may want too! us your NON-LV bags!!!!
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  2. I'm off to the mall now to buy that bag in my other thread!! LOL!! I will post it as soon as I return!!
  3.'s mine:

    It's an Elliot Luca bag I got today at Nordstroms!! It's gunmetal and sooooo cute!

    Here is the front, back, and how much it fits:



  4. HOT bag Traci, congrats!! the colour is TDF, I will have to post some pics of my Prada's and then my college bags that I use on and off :smile:
  5. ^^Thanks!! Good, I can't wait to see them!!
  6. Great thread! gorgeous bag! :smile:
  7. ^^Thank you! Its a little bigger in person than it looks in the photo...about 12" long and 8"high.
  8. Traci, that is very cute bag, love the color.. here are some of my non LV bags( I have lots of them though) I'll just post some :P

    Marc Jacobs:

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  9. Luv your collection nycbella especially da marc jacobs.
  10. nycbella....I LOVE the Fendi's!!!
  11. nycbella, Im a sucker for your Fendi collection! Also, the MJ tote is TDF, and your Chanel bag is gorgeous!
  12. Traci, I love the gunmetal bag! Something that I would totally wear. I bet it looks fabulous on you!
  13. Hopefully I have some pics to share soon. As you can see from my sig, I'm wanting to branch out into Chanel, MJ & Miu Miu. However, the problem is that every time I set my mind to buy something from another designer, LV comes out with something else I have to have! For mid-range, I like Botkier. I have a Bianca and am considering a Sasha duffel.
  14. I`ll post pics of my collection later - I only have my Chanel here, and my camera is back at my apartment anyways, so I`ll get it done next week some time. :yes:
  15. These are the ones I have on my computer and/or in my bag showcase.
    I have Chanel, Dior, Juicy Couture, Coach, Samantha Thavasa, D&B and that Erin Fetherston heart bag...I can take a pic of that one too, it's MASSIVE.

    1- Chanels:
    left to right- pink/black medium Cambon tote, yellow Valentine hobo, not sure of the name of the tan one, navy/silver hardware Grand Shopper tote, beige/black Cambon multipocket reporter and agenda, dark beige Classic Flap, black/white large Cambon tote.

    2- One that I got awhile after the above pic was taken, the white Chanel GST.

    3- Diors from the Girly line (Boston, billfold and I'm not sure of what the one on the left is called).

    4- Juicy Couture bags, the square ones are my train cases and the one in the front is my jewelry box.

    5- Other bags: pewter and black nylon Kate Spade bags (my first purses!), black and white Samantha Thavasa star bags, 3 D&B It bags, Coach Zoe hobo, gold Michael Kors bag, 2 Coach wristlets (missing my perfume print one) and tan leather Coach Demi bag.

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