Sheltering in Place with LV...

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  1. Omg love your Rogue!!!
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  2. Thank you !
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  3. I like the way you ladies shelter in place!
  4. Moved from my home office to the play room for a little midday break and had to bring out my capucines since I’m missing using her IMG_4585.JPG
    I think Miss Ladybug likes her new companion.
  5. This is the cutest LV model yet:heart: Hope you and your Capucines stay safe this weekend
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  6. Gorgeous capucine - she’s got the best ride here :P
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  7. What a beautiful cat
  8. Thank you and I hope you are both doing well!
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  9. My furry model rocking a Party PS armband RenderedImage-11.jpeg
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  10. omg i just want to nuzzle that elephant so bad!!! looks like REALLY COMFY ...and of course the LV micro is ADORABLE
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  11. Thank you - yes we are still well. I’m on day 17 of working from home. So far so good. Love the way you needed a change of scenery so went to the play room. We can all use some play right now! I challenged my DH to a Yahtzee duel and kicked his butt 2 of 3 games :biggrin: it was fun to play just a regular old time game. Of course my new MP looked on during the game :P you be well too.
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  12. Love your elephant and it’s stylish arm backpack and second your wish to nuzzle!
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  13. Omg what a great thread. I’m been home for so long I’d forgotten that I have a lot of comfort in my closet. :biggrin::lol: Must post soon.
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  14. I’ve always worked from home at least a couple of days a week but had the option to go in when I wanted...the not being able to go In when I feel like is kind of driving me crazy. It was a nice break but the playroom was also a nice break too. Stay sane during these unprecedented times.
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  15. You too! The not having a choice thing is hard isn’t it? I’d really been wanting a break to stay home and now I have it for the worst reason. A few days after it started I kept thinking about getting out. Oh well, have settled into a quasi routine, but having nice bags to look at and to plan for what to use and wear once we can emerge does help. Really do love your capucine.