Sheltering in Place with LV...

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  1. #1 Mar 21, 2020
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2020
    Thanks to a lovely tpfr in the Hermes forum that started a sheltering in place with H thread, I thought I would do the same for those of us in the LV threads. Thanks Diane278!! She was hoping for support, kindness, connection, some fun and a way to share during these very trying and scary times for us all, all around the world. So to kick off the LV thread, here is my fabulous boy Dave the GSD with his multi-pochette :P He has shared though he’s sad for the world, he loves having mom home all the time (except when she’s putting bags on him!) hope you enjoy. The thread in the H forum gets really creative, so have fun, and hope it helps us all just a little :heart: our buying may slow as the epidemic continues but we all have lovelies to share!!

    Dave thinking “Now WHICH pouch did I put my iphone in???” And “Mom, you KNOW my color is green! Why didn’t you buy me the kaki strap version???”

  2. Aaawww how cute. Nothing like a fashionable dog wearing their crossbody bag.:tup:
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  3. Thank you! He finds it so very versatile, as I do. I borrow it once in awhile :P
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  4. Thank you so much! He said he was feeling a bit more formal, and then was silly and turned to look when his dad walked into the room. Presenting Felicie Pochette Champagne Vernis (closer to his green color palette :P). Now he’s told me that’s it for today and he’s taking a well earned nap after his modeling gig.

    Dogs rock, don’t they! He has made my shelter in place so much better, especially as DH must continue to work in an essential industry.
  5. I hope others will chime in with their own posts as many of us are at home for quite awhile. It’s so nice to have eye candy as we stay at home. You all have such lovely things and unique style :flowers: I have to say I find it fun to “shop my closet” and try new looks.
  6. Dogs certainly do rock! They're the best :heart:

    Dave is beautiful, loved seeing his modeling photos!
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  7. Thank you so much, your puppers looks like a sweetie. Every dog is the best! Dave is certainly the most photogenic in the house :cool:
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  8. I enjoy a good snuggle on the couch with my Pallas beauty case. ❤️

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  9. OMG love your furry model!! This thread is a fun idea to distract us from boredom:smile:
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  10. sheltering in place with LV and with my beautiful cat :heart: she loves the shininess of the soon to be finished bag

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  11. We have a GSD...I can just picture the annoyed look on his face when you put the bag on him. Hahahaha.
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  12. That's a gorgeous cat. :love: So lovely posed behind your cute little Milla pochette.
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  13. tysm! Jellybean is my everything, so blessed to have her always and especially in times like these!
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  14. DrTr - thanks for starting the thread here. With the assistance of the master of the house and a few select pieces, here are my contributions:
    5F9BF298-B170-48BA-9B2A-F4948D4C79C7.jpeg 087A9F00-E220-429C-8530-B9A42A7F6246.jpeg 945B5F62-C7BE-475F-BB66-3CE8A5DCBF57.jpeg
  15. What a beautiful cat!
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