Sheltering in Place with LV...

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  1. Figured I’d take a family photo while reorganizing a closet... this isn’t quite my whole collection but I think all my favs are here.

  2. Thank you :smile:The cat in my avatar is my 6 yo boy, he is at home while I am working in my clinic office.
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  3. Love your collection :love: As I recall soon to add a nano speedy to the family? How fun to see you lovely collection. It’s so nice to connect across time and space right now. Thank for posting
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  4. Yes, loved his crossed legs. It’s hard to be away from the fur kids isn’t it? I’m working from home so my dog is thrilled to have me home every minute for the last almost 2 weeks. I’m glad he’s here too, as DH is considered “essential” and must go to work every day even during the stay home orders. We are glad to see him every evening! The overall quiet is becoming rather eerie as traffic is slowed to almost nothing. Thanks for sharing!
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  5. Dauphine accompanied me to work today, at home
  6. My kitty thinks I’ve gone mad...she might be right :whut:
  7. C4EF86DD-0BE2-490C-B6FE-3630FD0B859E.jpeg Sheltering in place with my Tournelle PM.
  8. Thank you - and yep! And also now a pastel Speedy, TP 26, and mini PA from the escale collection :facepalm:
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  9. A busy workday - but I’m not complaining as I feel very fortunate that I still have and can work from home. Anything can change in the proverbial blink of an eye. So on my break, I bring to you my favs: cat and more speedys:
    C157CD1F-FF78-414B-91B6-A0BBC18D5F81.jpeg 3E7B421B-EC42-4909-B411-E33F6E8B511A.jpeg
  10. WOW this thread is pulling out some stunning collections, along with cute & stunning fur-babies:amuse::heart::heart::heart: Healthy cheers to all!
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  11. I’ve been an LV fan for such a long time that I needed a break beginning in 2018. This thread, however, revitalized some of my excitement for the house. I still have SLGs, Delightfuls, Noes, and Totallys to pull out at some point.
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  12. azX6l9T%RXeFFgfz3SLx4g.jpg
    Enjoying time on the couch. Stay safe everyone!
  13. image.jpg
    Waiting to go to work, pochette and Clemence wallet
  14. This thread has made my night!
    Thanks for the beautiful pet/LV pictures, ladies.
  15. I'll be sheltering in place with my latest accessory:love: COZY IN LVOE! RenderedImage-3.jpeg