“Sheltering in Place” with Hermès

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  1. :happydance:
    :giggle::blush:Same with you. DH just smile when he goes look for me around the house and find Me in my closet :blush:setting up
    a blue family
    ( will welcome two more members which will arrive next week)
    But now let me introduce : bleu nuit ( picotin), bleu indigo( B25),bleu encre ( clic16), bleu Mykonos( bastia)

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  2. Love this thread! Here's my contribution - my framed Hermes scarf over my dining table (it's La Serpentine de Pierre Charpin from F/W'18) with some springy yellow branches that I gathered to match :smile:

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  3. Oh love this! I framed it in a different colorway, will take a pic later!
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  4. SO creative- thanks!
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  5. Thank you for this thread!

    New-to-me bag and shawl arrived just as the world came to a halt, so now I try to enjoy them from my “what am I wearing tomorrow”-wall (as it takes little planning to put on jeans and a t-shirt for working from home....) IMG_1194.JPG
  6. You made my day!!!! Thanks! :happydance:
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  8. Christian Siriano and his team are making facemasks for health workers in NYC (I love him). I think you are 2 steps ahead of him here!!! Well done.
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  9. Stunning. Your photo looks like it would be in a design magazine!
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  10. This is superb!!! :lol:
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  11. swoooon - I love both the So Kelly and the lovely shawl. Thanks for sharing!
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  12. I’m on Day One - irises over morning coffee.

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  13. Thank you ! Needless to say I am itching to actually wear it
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  14. Any chance of a mod shot at some point? I’d love to see it on someone. :loveeyes:
  15. Anyone up for a game of Hermès Jenga this morning?

    I tried to make it taller but some of the clutches started fighting about who should be on top of the stack....and the usually sedate black Medor kept sabotaging everyone by causing landslides.....