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  1. ITLovesFashion - cuute ring
  2. I adore your necklace, so fun!
  3. Hi Ladies, what do you think of this necklace?


    I bought it at the Dillard's clearance sale, but I'm not sure if I want to keep it. I love everything about it except when I held it for the first time, it felt like plastic to me. The stones and chain were OK - it was the goldtone metal surrounding the stones that felt lightweight. (I know gold is lightweight too. :shrugs:)

    This is Carolee and has a lifetime warranty per the Carolee site, so I think it is pretty good quality. I have some older Carolee pieces that have held up well. It's probably just me, because I am not used to large statement pieces.

    I really want to like this piece because it makes most of my tops look amazing, it goes well with my eyeglasses, it fits well with my style, the gold is the same brightness as my watch so I don't think that's the problem, I have NOTHING like it, I really need something this size and shape and colors in my wardrobe, the length can vary a lot, and the best part is it changes color to match whatever is underneath it because most of the stones are transparent. I can turn a boyfriend tee shirt into a tunic with this piece. :biggrin:

    What do you think? Do I just have to get used to the size and the fact that jewelry this big doesn't feel like my smaller pieces? Or is this a bad piece and should I return it? MSRP is $125 and I paid $52.

    I doubt I will find a piece I like as well for my wardrobe that is this versatile. I would end up buying one monochromatic-ish bib that would go with only a few outfits and look the same on each one. This bib looks different on every outfit.
  4. I say keep it. It adds alot to your wardrobe and you got it on sale!
  5. Reading through this thread, these are FAB. :loveeyes:Do you have a picture of them on by chance, SQ?
  6. ooo. who made it?
  7. These all are amazing designs. I must say you have a good knowledge and choice of jewelry. Thanks for sharing such beautiful jewelry designs.
  8. Thank you for responding. :smile:

    I think I am going to return it and look for something I like a little better. At least I know what colors, shape and size I like.

    I dropped by the bead store today to see what they had. The owner said his wife would make me anything I wanted! The problem is I don't know what design would look good. Someone else has to make it first, then I have to try it on and see if I like it. It's amazing how much a statement piece can change the way you see yourself.
  9. A few of my statement jewelry...




  10. Nice!