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  1. Yeah, I do too. I have the pendant as well. Those were my signature pieces for many years.

    Gorgeous bracelets MissD! They look lovely together. I love the studded friendship bracelet! Is that your initial engraved on it, or that of a friend??
  2. very pretty! I haven't seen a friendship bracelet embellished in such a "fancy" way.
  3. I love these new friendship bracelets! Great mix of textures and it looks so neat stacked with your gemstone necklace/bracelets :smile:
  4. so I'm not sure where this image came from and who or what it's of. I only know that I love it. I'm hoping someone with greater jewelry knowledge might recognize the designer. Otherwise, enjoy the pretty picture:

    flower garden wrist.jpg
  5. ^AWESOME bracelet!!! I don't know who the designer is.
  6. ^ looks like 3 bracelets, right?
  7. i'm just guessing, but it looks kind of like mcqueen?
  8. Love this!
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  10. My armor ring. I love it!

  11. I love this piece! I hope you don't mind me asking..where do you buy your jewlery? I loved your rings as well. I'm currently looking for kunzite and diamond 14ct ring.
  12. ^so edgy...I love it too! the hydrangeas in the background are beautiful.

    ^thank you! I buy a lot of my jewelry from gem shows & local live in a great area for gem/jewelry shows at a hotel or convention center (you can often get in without a business license, but the pricing will be different). you should have pretty good luck finding a kunzite at a decent price as they're not all that popular here in the US. be careful though...many of them are treated to bring out the color. you have to keep a treated stone out of direct light.
  13. I know this is an old post but for anyone that wants to know, the jewelry (and the dress which i recognize the sleeve of) are Lanvin from Fall/Winter 2011.