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  1. :nuts: OMG frick that is GORGEOUS!!
  2. thank you!
  3. I only have a few pieces handy for photos. Enjoy...

    1. John Hardy diamond/white topaz/sapphire ring (my little brother calls this my "Satellite dish" ring)



    2. Sterling silver 3D Rose ring:


    3. Faceted blue glass ring by Steel by Design:

  4. Have you tried Etsy? Got a price range in mind?
  5. I love diamond bow jewelry!
  6. cool rings! I think the blue glass is my favorite.
  7. I almost got that John Hardy, but in blue and clear, it was a little too big for my hand. My middle finger is only a 6. I got a smaller citrine instead, but it's big on me. I like yours better, much more of a statement.
  8. Thanks, J! I love the blue and clear one, too. Did you know there's a smaller version, too? It's about the size of a nickel and might work better on your hands.

    Thanks, F&F! I think it was $40 at QVC. There is a similar ring by Swarovski (the Nirvana ring) but I like this one better.

  9. I love all those rings! But my favorite is the rose ring. I think I have the bracelet that goes with that. :smile:

    Tell me, folks, where do you wear your statement pieces? To parties? For everyday? Or just around the house for fun?
  10. Thanks, Sue. I'd love to see your rose bracelet...hint hint.

    I wear mine everyday, since they aren't fine jewelry pieces.
  11. ^all of the above ;)
  12. Here's a pic. Please excuse the fuzziness, I'm incapable of taking non-blurry pictures, especially close-ups. Even when I mount the camera and turn off the flash, I can't seem to get a clear jewelry pic. I got this bracelet at Sears about 20 years ago for $40, which was an incredible splurge at the time. It's still my fav bracelet. :cool:

    Attached Files:

  13. ^love the roses!
  14. I love that bracelet, Sue!

    I have earrings that match that bracelet. :smile:
  15. My newest addition! Studded Friendship bracelet!

    Worn alongside it is my Cassia de Shanghai Miniaturette Freshwater Pearls and Emerald Green Agate - they're necklaces now but I'm thinking of turning them into layering bracelets for the summer.


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