Share your Statement Jewelry here!

  1. Ever since I saw the Starter Wife last week and admired endlessly at Molly's statement necklace.. I fell hard for those shiny things! I really wanted to know which ones she has on but wasn't able to findout.. today I went to Henri Bendel and they have so many nice sparklers! I got this one.. and more to come :smile: :yahoo:
    Here is the one from the Starter wife :smile:
    Here is my little statement ring :smile: Joomi
  2. Lots of places have pretty statement jewelry for cheap! BR for example
  3. Forgot to post this one from my personal thread. Badgley Mischka
  4. that ring is to die for!!! oh la la.:drool:
  5. Giant ring! Could we have a picture that shows your entire hand to get a real idea of how blingy it is? :nuts:
  6. Sorry pplz nothing exciting here but i do want to share my latest acquisition :smile: and Jan228 I will get you that pic soon :smile:

  7. What, exactly, defines an item of jewelry as "statement" jewelry? I'm clueless about this. Thanks in advance.
  8. Something that gets you noticed!:tup:
  9. Thanks!
  10. Jan228 Here is a picture with the whole hand. pardon my nails. just painted them! :smile:

  11. Latest ELLE magazine :smile:

    Clearly i'm the only one that's obsessed but just to show that i'm not crazy :p
  12. I LOVE that ring! I looked online but couldn't find anything too similar :sad:
  13. You could try a local boutique that sells a lot of costume jewelry. I really like Henri Bendel here but unfortunately they don't sell a lot of things online. The name of the ring is Joomi and maybe they'll have other retailers on their website.
    The necklace is from Kenneth Jay Lane and they could have some cute rings good luck finding them!
  14. Oooh, it reminds me of the end of The Goonies, where the woman dumps out the little boy's marble pouch into his dad's hand and it's filled with gorgeously sparkling precious gems. :tup: