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  1. Very true. Lysol and gloves don't work for preventing the spread of the virus if all you do is keep cross-contaminating everything you touch with bare, unwashed hands. But washing your hands after opening the cardboard boxes and before touching the bag is a much better practice.

    But I guess at the end of the day, do what you want to do to ease your anxiety.
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  2. #467 Mar 25, 2020 at 3:05 PM
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2020 at 3:11 PM
    For sure. You can even wipe down the bags potentially too. I may give my pouches and pochettes coming in the mail a little light wipe down with a bit of soapy towel, nothing too drenched but when I come home after going to the store I wipe down the zippy coin with a bit of soap water on a paper towel. I mean sure, Lysol the boxes, but that’s only the first in many steps of caution while opening packaging
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  3. Or just spray surfaces with Lysol wash hands and wait.
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  4. I’ve been washing my hands so much they are chapped believe me I’m washing my hands but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with spraying the boxes to add an additional barrier
  5. I hope this doesn’t turn into a “disinfectant thread” because of my post.
    Everyone do what you want and what you think is best. I was just posting to share that I received my packages and that I’m not opening them yet and decided to spray them.
    The End
  6. Never said there was anything wrong with it whatsoever, just suggested what to do after too. Spraying Lysol onto cardboard and calling it a day is totally up to you :smile: didn’t mean to offend you
    But yeah me too omg my hands are so cracked and dry from washing! Enjoy your purchases can’t wait to seeee
  7. Yes. There are 2 keys attached to the leather strap
  8. Thank you! Mine didn’t come with the keys attached and it was hard getting the keys on the cloquette!
  9. Happy to bring some LV comfort into my life with this cozy beauty:heart:
    RenderedImage-5.jpeg RenderedImage-4.jpeg
    A wish-listed item that makes Part III of my Bday goodies this month RenderedImage-3.jpeg
  10. It’s okay. I’ve been doing the same thing especially with my groceries. I hope you know my comment about waiting until the Lysol dries was a joke because I know first hand. I enjoy your font.
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  12. What a great looking blanket — love the stylish ME look. This is a wonderful piece to stay cozy with. Enjoy V :smile:.
  13. What a great score! I love mine in Noir. :biggrin:
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  14. I'm waiting for my Nano Speedy to get here as I type this. But I'm thinking it may go back for the same reason, especially since I decided to delve into the world of preloved Chanel, haha.
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  15. ;) twinning is winning LOL
    TY dearest IM:love: Took me awhile to check this off my wishlist but the timing feels perfect for it:heart:

    Sending you a big shoutout in return for being such a great ME influencer! There's something so chic and sophisticated about this colourway... I'm obsessed with it now. It's a shame they don't have more functional pieces for ladies in Eclipse (ie. Speedy, PM or another crossbody bag with removable strap option) - that would be amazing for us! Basically wishing it weren't "men-exclusive":smile:
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