Share your December 2018 lovely Louis Vuitton purchases!!!

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  1. Did this bandeau come in any other colors like beige? Also are the gold details only towards the end of the bandeau? It looks simple and elegant!
  2. Thank you! So far it was released only in this color.
  3. Oh, I‘m looking for a carmine Alma forever Congratulations
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  4. Like me. Such a shame.
  5. I love your bandeau. Don’t be surprised if you see me post it here soon!
  6. Pochette Metis!

    FA8E5BF3-0E39-4D3C-AB34-F23C5BC6D39A.jpeg F35C8F2B-9ED8-47B8-8E40-768E8321FE65.jpeg
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  7. She is pretty dressed up. I got lucky and snagged the luggage tag aleady in December. What do you think, is not that too much?

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  8. Looks good! very subtle. :smile:
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  9. I absolutely love the all black look! Sooooo stunning! Wow! You did a fantastic job dressing her up :smile:

    I’d love to see more photos of it!
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  10. I’d do either the bandeau or the tag... but black n gold is stunning!
  11. I agree. I think both are too much, but I like both pieces so I would have a hard time deciding which to use :smile:. Good luck!
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  12. What a sweet foot in the background and a little penguine.
  13. I’ve been meaning to buy this for over 2 years and only just got around to it. My to me from me Xmas present ...

  14. I really love this color. I received my first one too [​IMG]
    I’m so afraid of ruining it - trying to be extra careful.
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  15. Congrats it’s a beautiful colour, sadly one I can’t wear because I have a pink undertone. I bet it’s gorgeous on and makes a great statement!

    I have read about the piling and snagging of various LV scarves but went ahead anyway because they’re so nice. I don’t wear earrings, rings or necklaces, only a simple chain and cross so I think that’s going to help :smile:
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