Share your December 2018 lovely Louis Vuitton purchases!!!

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  1. That's my son's and his best friend, the little Pengie! :heart:
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  2. Did you receive your bag? I am really interested to see what can fit but there are not many reviews or pictures!
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  3. Little late, but here they are, my December purchases!! :smile: :heart:

    Dec 2018:

    *PM Emp. Black
    *Zippy Coin Purse Emp. Black
    *6-Ring Key Holder Emp. Black
    *Key Pouch Emp. Black
    *TP 19 Monogram
    *Cosmetic Pouch Small Monogram
    *LV Timeless Stole Black (gold)
    *LV Timeless Stole Navy (silver)
    *Agenda PM Refill 2019
    *My Fair Lady Studs Sunglasses
    *Nanogram Tuff palladium finishing
    *Essential V Supple Necklace palladium finishing
    *Essential V Ring
    *Tribute To BB Bandeau


    Thanks for let me share! :heart: :9
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  4. Wow. Santa was sure busy. You must’ve been a good girl. :biggrin:

    Great purchases. :heart:Enjoy them all!
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  5. I am thinking of getting this bag! Do you love it? Can’t decide on color!
  6. I have the Manhattan and its my most used bag! Love it so much!
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  7. Do you love? I am wanting this bag?!? ❤️
  8. Oh my goodness yes!! It's so glamorous and beautiful!! Worth every penny well $$$$$$$$$ most money I've ever spent on myself!

  9. It is gorgeous!
  10. Lol!!! :biggrin: ;) Thank you so much lol !! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  12. Do you still love the bandeau ? I missed out . There have been a couple of ppl who went overboard wit the catogram and say they bought too many items ..
  13. Yes I do. I wish I got more catogram items so I understand other people's obsession with it.:biggrin:
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