Share your 2018 bag offers!

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  1. I think it depends on your style and need. If you love pink go for the 2 tone birkin. But for my personal preference I’d choose the vert cyprès k25 in a heartbeat! It’s a understated and elegant dark green and perfect with gold hardware. It was actually my dream k25 until I was offered my b25 in Gris T with RGHW. But of course two tone b is a rare beauty too.

    Good luck deciding and please let us know what you choose!
  2. Custom + 1
  3. I was offered last week: Constance 18, Blue Encre with gold hardware - passed, K32 Blue Nuit with palladium hardware passed. Would have liked the blue but with palladium and the K32 was just too big for me. So bummed as I carry big bags (two 35b's are in my collection) but I guess with the shoulder strap did not work for me at all.
    Back to waiting...............
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  4. Luck you ! Enjoy it with good health
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  5. Two tone B is hard to come by, vert cypress can be postponed to next semester in my opinion
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  6. I was offered a Kelly Ado backpack - still deciding...
    I started a thread about this bag; please help if you have some intel. Thank you!
  7. Still waiting for my... I love it! It is very casual and it has to fit you life style.
    have you seen it in person?
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  8. I have not seen it in person. I do use backpacks but have to admit not as often as I do my other bags.
    Do you know if it’s just one size and in Clemence leather? Which color will you be getting?
  9. C24 Noir Epsom
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  11. Here is mine for reference ...
    I’m a pink lover but RP is not the shade that make my heart beat although RA is absolutely one of my fav pinks H does. Rarity I’d say the SO wins hands down. VC will be around. I say look at your collection and see which color would be better suited. Either way, congrats on the offer! HTH
  12. Thanks for all the comments! My closets are most nature colour, I think the 2 tone b is too bright for me! I will pass this special one! Departing on K25 vert cypress Sellier or B 30 gold with silverware. I have an b 30 noir with gold hardware, always want an B30 in gold colour. But I also don’t have K25 Sellier. Can someone share the pics for Vert actress? I worried the green is too dark.
  13. .
    VC is VERY dark green... can appear black in some lighting.
    I was offered VC C24.I asked is that too close to my black C24? she replied yes so I declined.
  14. Hi there! Congrats on the bag!) I just got the same one from a buyer, but a friend of mine told me that there are a lot of fakes circulating in the market and that Hermes didn't make vert ostchich this season. I'm wondering if she's right.
    What stamp letter does your bag have?
  15. My friend was offered as well! Personally, I would pass because the Kelly ado is considered a quota bag.
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