Share your 2018 bag offers!

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  1. It’s already 2018 in some parts of the world so here is the new thread to SHARE YOUR 2018 BAG OFFERS!

    What specs? Did you accept? Did you decline? Which country was it offered?

    Happy New Year everyone!
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  2. Hmm, I don't think this counts, but I was offered a Craie 28cm Kelly au Galop last week and bought it today. :smile: Waiting to hear about a request for a particular color 30cm Birkin.

    Happy hunting, everyone!
  3. Congrats! ! :flowers:
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  4. this sounds lovely!! and it definitely counts if you bought it today ;):love:
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  5. Craie 28 is at the top of my list, beautiful bag so very happy for you!
  6. Ohh, I would love one of those but alas, I doubt any were evenordered by my store. Sigh.
    Pictures, please? :smile:
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  7. Wow that is such a spectacular bag! Congratulations!!
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  8. B30 Rouge Casaque Epsom SHW — it was a yes!
  9. Horrah!
    I'm glad you chose to get it. I'm hoping to pick up mine next week~~ its such a special bag. !!!!
  10. Here's hoping we both love it, TT! Mine arrives tomorrow.
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  11. Black Box Sellier of my dreams - 28 - coming next week.... breathlessly second.
  12. Before the day ends, “DAY 3” of my New Year’s Resolution (posted on another thread), I want to let it be known that the H gods said... Not so fast! You can’t just cut us off for the entire year. The “exception” that I made is a pop of color B or K but I didn’t think the phone call will come this soon! The thing is, how can I say no to a B25 Rose Pourpre?!
  13. Congrats!! Black box and sellier is a marvelous combo!
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  14. I am currently in Buenos Aires for the end of my honeymoon/vacation. I stopped by the H store expecting not to purchase anything but I hit it off with a lovely SA there. They had 4 mini Constance’s on display in croc. The one that made my heart skip a beat was in matte Vert Titian with GHW. I am not on the market for an exotic yet so I asked if there were any non-exotic mini C’s or Kelly cuts. She went to the back and pulled out their only Kelly cut in natural Sable with PHW. It was gorgeous! She also offered me B30s in Black, trench, malachite, rose pourpre, and gold, as well as K32s in Rouge grenat and blue Zanzibar. I opted for the Kelly cut. It was such a wonderful surprise for the end of our trip!

    I will share pictures once I’m home and can unbox it. For now, I’m nervous for the upcoming customs experience!
  15. Can't wait for the reveal! ! ! !
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Not open for further replies.