Share your 2018 bag offers!

  1. Megs and I welcomed our baby boy earlier this month and wanted to share the news with the TPF community. Come say hello to Baby Vaughn!
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  1. The Constance SO is a fabulous combo!!
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  2. Was offered this week a graphite B40 in PHW. It's absolutely beautiful and my perfect size.
    Needless to say I had to take it home :angel:
  3. Thanks ladies. Wish I can get both. Will let you know once I get it.
  4. Blue sapphire!
  5. Thank you, IF! I'm still awaiting its delivery. Was shipped overnight on Wednesday and is delayed because of the storm. Don't even have a delivery date, yet, and the boutique is only 2 hours from me.
  6. Thank you, ladies! It was a tough choice but a KC has eluded me for so long that it made it a bit easier. Although, it may have added a B30 noir to my previously very short bag wishlist!! It’s just such a practical bag.
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  7. Wow did you buy anything else before she offered all those nice colors to u?
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  8. Wow, what an amazing experience!! You hit the jackpot with your SA. When I visited the BA store I remember them having lots of exotic items in stock. Due to the extremely high prices I didn’t even dare ask about Bs/Ks, but there weren’t too many other bags out on the shelves.
    Congrats again, your KC sounds divine! That would’ve been my pick too :heart::P
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  9. I did not. I am not certain, but we walked around the store together and I was knowledgeable about Hermes and different items, and I shared some things that I own (non-bags) and what I am looking for, so that may have helped.
  10. Thank you! Yes, the prices are quite high compared to the US. I think that is partly why I went for the KC. I’ve been waiting for one for so long that it was worth a little bit more to me!
  11. I have a C18 in Gris perle and I love the color! IMHO, it's one of Hermes' most under rated colors.
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  12. My SO arrived so not really and offer. Will get her later this month. Was offered Gris Perle jige to keep my SO company on the hold shelf. Passed as I am holding out for KC or KP in a creamy neutral.
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  13. Yay!! Cant wait to see this SO!
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  14. Wow is graphite coming back??? This is my dream color!!!
  15. Have a podium order in for an Etoupe B30 Togo with PH and have been waiting. But got a call from my SA this morning that he has a Gris Asphalte B30 Togo wth PH that he wants me to see. So not sure if I should consider it as I was hoping for the Etoupe. I wanted a neutral color that I could use 3/4 of the year. Already have a Etain Kelly 35 Clemence with PH and a Gris T Garden Party. But many seem to think the Gris Asphalte may be a good alternative to Etoupe....